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Hoop Would Roll 500 Miles

8 March 2017

Just to be the app that rolled a thousand miles to get you out the door…

Hoop has reached Scotland! This week we were delighted to launch in four more cities — Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen. It’s a really exciting feeling to be taking the app across the border and, for this Scot, it’ll also ensure I get a bit less grief from friends and family on my next trip home…In fact, we’ve been so hard at work that last week, we completely forgot to mention that we’d arrived in Birmingham and Nottingham too! A spot of mapping informs me that the distance between Birmingham and Aberdeen is 462 miles and so let’s round it up and call it fate.

If you take a look at the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions, there’s an amazing breakdown of the UK’s most popular tourist sites by visitor number. With these latest Hoop launches, we’re delighted to be listing activities from even more of these great institutions, including:

The Library of Birmingham — 1,828,999 annual visits

National Museum of Scotland — 1,567,310 annual visits

Scottish National Gallery — 1,377,710 annual visits

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum — 1,261,552 annual visits

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery — 936,839 annual visits

But at Hoop, we like our family activities to come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Next time you’re thinking about vertebrate zoology, imagine how much better it’d be if an expert chatted you through the specifics in a castle built over 500 years ago. Intrigued? Head along to The Broughty Castle Museum. While you’re at it, sprinkle a few dinosaurs on your Easter Egg Hunt in Nottingham; inspire your Mini Professor in Glasgow; limber up for a bit of Unicycle Jam in Edinburgh and give Ali a run for his money at Birmingham’s Rumble in the Jungle.

We never cease to be amazed at the fantastic family activities on offer all around the UK and can’t wait to discover even more. Next up — Newcastle, Cardiff & Swansea!

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