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Top 5 Strategy Board Games for Kids

22 September 2023

Without question, board games are an excellent way for your children to learn many valuable life lessons. When playing, kids are subconsciously made to instil these values within themselves, without even noticing that they are being taught! Who cares about learning ‘patience’ when you’re having a great time? 

Strategy board games are one of the best kinds of games you should expose your children to. These games demand focus, sharp decision-making skills, and competitiveness to come out on top. Let’s blitz through the top 5 strategy games that your kids should play:


When it comes to strategy board games, Battleship is bound to be on the list. In Battleship, your child has to learn how to outline a good strategy to defeat the opposition. This will teach your child how to strategise on the fly, make big decisions, and be able to adjust whenever different obstacles come out flying out of nowhere.


Made for kids that are into codebreaking, Mastermind is a great game that stimulates the minds of your children like no other. One player has to create a unique pattern using colours, and the opposing player must guess the pattern. Every correct guess will earn a player a point. It may sound a little stale to someone unfamiliar with the game, but trust us when we say - it’s great fun!


Sequence is a great starter for kids still trying to get their feet wet in strategy games. It’s a relative of Connect 4 and relies on players forming sequences to get points.

For families with younger kids aged between 4-7 years old, Sequence for Kids is an excellent alternative to the more classic version of the game.

Fish Stix

Maths seems to be a common enemy for a lot of our kids. Who would have thought a strategy game could help them out? Well, Fish Stix might just be your saving grace. It requires your kids to come up with mathematical strategies to match lines of ‘Fish Stix’ into specific patterns and win. This strategy game is far more visual and easier to understand than most of the others on this list.

Connect 4

Similar to Sequence, this is one of the most popular strategy board games ever created. Connect 4 has been around for a long time, yet remains a staple in family homes worldwide. To beat the other player, a player must be able to connect 4 dots with the same colour. To prevent this from happening, the opposing player must also come up with strategies to block the other player. The concept is simple, but as we often find, it’s the most straightforward ideas and games that are the most fun!

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