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Card Games Clubs For Kids

24 September 2023

Does your child enjoy playing card games? If so, you may be wondering how to find a club where they can play with others and socialise at the same time. Here’s some ideas of how to look for card games clubs for kids.

Join a school club

Many schools have game clubs that may include board and card games or focus on just cards, meeting once or twice a week after school. These clubs are usually run by teachers or parents who volunteer their time. They're typically free to join, providing a great opportunity for kids to socialise and learn new skills. Plus, being based at your child’s school, all you have to do is arrange to pick them up later, making the logistics easier. 

Check the local library

Local libraries and other community centres such as churches and youth centres may run card game clubs for kids. These casual clubs are usually free to join, and there doesn’t tend to be pressure to compete or perform. Your child can play for fun and make new friends who love card games as much as they do. The best way to find out about these clubs is to ask at your local library or community centre. They may also be listed in the community section of your local newspaper’s website.

Check with local board games cafes

Board games cafes have become increasingly popular in recent years and many run meet-ups for those who want to socialise while trying new games. Check with any local cafes whether they run groups for children. This may be more expensive than the previous options as these businesses tend to be run for a profit, but they have large inventories of games to try. 

Start their own club

If your child is feeling ambitious, they could always start their own card game club. This would allow them to be a leader and create a social group that meets their specific interests. They could check whether their school will provide the premises for them to play, or ask a local board game cafe. They can advertise for members on local community websites and through local schools. This is a great option if you are struggling to find a club that meets your child's needs but does require more work and commitment.

Play online

If there are no local or school clubs that fit your child's interests, you could help them find people to play card games online. There are many different websites and forums where people of all ages come together to play card games online. Some of these websites even have chat features so players can talk to each other as they play. This can be a great way for kids to make friends from all over the world who share their interests. Just make sure you supervise your child’s interactions with strangers and teach them how to stay safe on the internet. 

There are many different ways for kids to get involved in playing card games in the UK. Whether it's joining a local club, taking part in a school club, or playing online, plenty of options are available. Helping your child find an activity that they enjoy can be a great way to promote their social and personal development.

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