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Top 5 Drama Schools in the UK for Kids

4 March 2023

SO! Your child loves to perform. They enjoy dressing up and role play. They want to sing and dance. Their role models are actors, dancers and singers. They eat, sleep, breathe drama, and dream BIG dreams for their future.

The easy bit is deciding to enrol them in drama school. The tricky bit is to choose which one!

To help you make up your mind, we have compiled a list of the top 5 drama schools in the UK for kids.

Acting Up Children’s Theatre School

Acting up Children’s Theatre School was established in 2001 and, for over 20 years, has offered quality education in the performing arts to children from 2-18 years. Staffed with experienced teachers with enthusiasm and expertise in drama, dance and singing, each department has carefully planned, age-appropriate activities to nurture the talents of the students in their care.

Acting Up Children’s Theatre School also offers School Workshops, taking their expertise in performing arts to teach in local schools.

Mainstream Theatre Arts

Mainstream Theatre Arts, also known as the MTA Academy, has provided ‘outstanding performing arts training’ for more than 40 years. Experienced, professional teachers teach children from 3-18 years in the areas of Musical Theatre and Acting, or just Acting if they prefer; and Dance Academy, which offers instruction in ballet, jazz and street dance.

The MTA Academy also manages a school's programme, supplying specialist teachers for lessons, topical plays to encourage discussion, or ‘Artist-in-Role’ to bring taught subjects to life, for example, Florence Nightingale or Guy Fawkes.

Pattison College, Coventry

In 1949, dance teacher Betty Pattison set up Pattison College for students wanting to make a full-time career in theatre. It gradually developed into an independent co-educational school for 2-18-year-olds, offering a full range of subjects alongside their performing arts department.

Speech and Drama, Music and Dance are part of a regular timetable, including extra-curricular activities. Additional courses and lessons are available at an extra cost as part of the Pattison Academy

Recognised vocational examinations in music, dance and dramatic art are offered and encouraged, with high grades contributing to applications in Higher Education.

Dorset Drama Academy (DDA)

Opened in 2015, Dorset Drama Academy is our list's youngest drama school in the UK. It offers choice and training to children aged 6-18 who want to specialise in acting for film and theatre.

Film classes offer a thorough education in the skills required to act on the Big Screen, in film or television, and include all aspects of film production at three levels; Junior, Intermediate and Senior. Children learn acting techniques, script-writing, and the more technical aspects of sound, camera and direction.

Acting lessons begin with fun, interactive games and imaginative play, moving to voice work, characterisation and improvisation, and learning to create an audition video.

Stagecoach Theatre Arts School, locations across the UK

Stagecoach Theatre Arts School is a highly regarded network of performing arts classes for 2-18-year-olds across the UK, ultimately offering qualifications enabling access to universities and colleges. With a range of dramatic options, including singing, dancing and acting, Stagecoach gives children the chance to grow in ability, confidence and professionalism, whether simply for enjoyment or as the first steps to a career.

Stagecoach at Home is a unique chance to take drama lessons at home, wherever you are, with online classes available on a subscription.

This list isn’t exhaustive but offers a taster of drama schools across the UK.

Photo by Kyle Head on Unsplash

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