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Can I see Peppa Pig at the Theatre?

18 June 2023

Peppa Pig first appeared on our screens nearly two decades ago. Since then she’s become a household name across the world. But did you know that for the last 13 years she’s also appeared in several hugely successful stage shows? And this year is no different.

Fun Day Out!

Peppa Pig’s Fun Day Out! is a live show which will be touring the UK and Ireland from October 2023. Kicking off at Dartford’s Orchard Theatre, the show will be performed in a range of venues with tickets on sale now and more dates to be added soon. 

Peppa Pig’s Fun Day Out! is an officially licensed show put on by Fierylight Productions, who have put on a number of official Peppa Pig shows in the UK over the last 13 years, including Peppa Pig's Party, Peppa Pig's Big Splash and Peppa Pig's Best Day Ever! These shows have been enjoyed over the years by over 2 million people, and constantly receive rave reviews. Feedback is that the shows are perfectly pitched for Peppa’s core audience of the under-4s, and perfectly match the tone, character, humour and uniqueness of the tv show.

Great for first-time theatre goers

For many young children, Peppa Pig’s Fun Day Out! might be their first experience of the theatre. This show is a wonderful introduction. The lights in the auditorium are left partially up, it’s not too long (a 70 minute runtime with a 20 minute interval) and the volume is kept at an unobtrusive level. Show times are typically 10am, 1pm and 4pm, so you can get the little ones to bed on time. 

Reasons to take your children

Attending a live theatrical performance brings so many benefits for children. It’s a great day out, with a chance for real family bonding. It’s a chance to make a memory that will last a long time for both children and adults alike. Peppa Pig’s Fun Day Out! features Peppa’s family taking a trip to the zoo, plus enjoying a special party on the beach. During their travels they meet many of familiar characters - including Miss Rabbit, Suzie Sheep and Danny Dog, and take part in many fun activities that include feeding the penguins, seeing colourful scarecrows, and, of course, jumping in muddy puddles.

Tickets for the show vary from venue to venue, though as a rough guide, most adult tickets range between around £25 to £35 (often depending on the location of seats in the auditorium) with child tickets ranging between roughly £14 to £20 and family packages somewhere around £60 to £70.

Concert tour

As well as Peppa Pig’s Fun Day Out!, most years see an additional tour of Peppa Pig: My First Concert, which is a “fun, interactive introduction to a live orchestra”. Together, Peppa and George explore the many sounds that instruments can make. They also enjoy some of their favourite music performed by a live orchestra. 

Photo by Catalina Carvajal Herrera

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