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Best 5 Museums Where Kids Learn Too

3 December 2022

Education doesn’t just take place at school, there are many ways to help your children learn while having a fun, memorable time. Are you looking for some museums where your whole family can learn a lot? Try the list below.

The British Library

This is quite simply the most extensive library in the country, which includes a copy of every title published. There are a number of permanent and temporary exhibitions, with plenty to fire up the kids’ imaginations. The children’s literature section, for instance, where they can learn about their favourite books, or you can get nostalgic as a family. There is much to explore and a lot of culture to consume, and even a pair of Jane Austen’s tiny specs. View original historic documents including the Magna Carta, mediaeval illuminated manuscripts and works of literature by William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens.

The Bank of England Museum

At the Bank of England Museum, there is plenty of information to soak in. This is an environment where kids under 7 or 8 could get bored, but if they are keen to learn, it’s a terrific option. It has many interactive elements, such as ‘security feature’, which exhibits a bar of gold in an enclosed space. Pop your hand in and touch it at your peril! Also, there’s a huge pile of gold enclosed in glass, which will capture the imagination of young and old alike. A great, educational affair for the family as a whole.


Royal Observatory, Greenwich

It’s all about time at the Royal Observatory, located in beautiful Greenwich Park. Stand on the Prime Meridian Line, with a foot in each hemisphere. Learn about the history of timekeeping and its close links with maritime history. See the huge 19th century telescope and learn about space observation in this historic building. Visit the neighbouring planetarium for a show which will bring the galaxy to life.

Horniman Museum and Gardens

Opened in 1901, the Horniman Museum and Gardens feature an extensive collection of artefacts dating back to prehistoric times, including detailed animal skeletal structures and taxidermy. The most famous exhibit is the comedic overstuffed walrus. If you’ve had your fill of taxidermy, visit the small aquarium in the basement to see some exotic sea creatures. Outside, there’s an animal walk with goats, sheep, alpacas and small animals, plus formal gardens and views across London. 

London Transport Museum

Kids love buses and trains, don’t they? This place is great, and for kids especially. You can learn about over 200 years of transport, including omnibuses, horse-pulled trams, and the complex construction processes involved in creating the world-famous underground railway, known to most as the Tube. In the All Aboard play zone, kids aged up to 7 can pretend to drive buses and dress up in transport staff uniforms. The Baby DLR area is specially designed for babies to play.


Photo by Fas Khan on Unsplash

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