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10 Best Museums in London for Kids

30 November 2022

London is packed with museums. But which ones are the best for you and your kids? Known or niche, let’s look at the 10 best museums in London. It doesn’t matter whether it’s art, science, or history, each museum listed here is packed with models to stun your kids, and culturise your lives.

The Natural History Museum

To start with an obvious one. Because central London has it all, and it starts here. The animatronic dinosaur exhibits are a favourite with kids, along with the lifesize blue whale model which dominates the mammal gallery. Educational and including galleries dedicated to the environmental issues caused by humans, the Natural History Museum gives you and your kids a shared experience to remember for years to come.


The London Dungeon

Strictly for the braver and or older kids (parents have to be brave too, let’s be honest) the London Dungeon is an unmissable treat. Within its tall, dark walls, you and your little ones will experience the harrowing story of Guy Fawkes’ gunpowder plot, feel your stomachs drop on the ‘hangman’s drop’ simulation ride (yep, it’s real. Yikes!), and even take part in an old England themed escape room. Varied, terrifying, and full of shocking pantomime, actors give you an ‘auld Landan’ to stick with you until dawn.

The Science Museum

Open from 10 until 6, the renowned science museum on Exhibition Road is one of London’s top interactive experiences, with frequently updated exhibitions dedicated to space exploration, medicine, energy, transport, computing, and much more, plus temporary exhibitions and an IMAX cinema. This one is a guaranteed grand day out.

The Cartoon Museum

The bright and colourful Cartoon museum is one your kids are bound to love, no matter the day of the week. The themed seasonal exhibitions include the history of cartoons, a Black History Month lesson, as well as more Guy Fawkes goodness! From the Beano to modern superhero comics, there is nostalgia for all generations, even grandparents can get in on this one.

The British Museum

Do you or your kids have a penchant for the history of the world that we live in? Learn about the Ancient World with artifacts from the great civilisations of Ancient Greece, Rome, the Middle East and Africa, including the legendary Rosetta Stone and real mummies from Ancient Egypt. Interactive Museum Missions and Explorer Trails bring the experience to life for the whole family.


Children’s Story Centre

Aimed at younger kids (truly, this is grandma storytime territory) the imaginative and immersive Children’s Story Centre features a magical forest strewn with castles, and reams of magical stories to read and explore in them. To book, pick a 2-hour time slot, and the session pass is a mere £7.50.

The Postal Museum

The Postal Museum is easy to overlook, but shouldn’t be, because it is excellent. It features tunnel walks, a Mail Rail Christmas ride (because what kid doesn’t love a big train that moves?), and even role-play areas such as the Post Office. Bright, exciting, and full of stamps, the Postal Museum is an experience that turns the journey of a posted letter into a thrill ride.


Museum of London

If your aim is to immerse yourselves in the history of our glorious gruesome capital city, then The Museum of London is the museum for you. Exploring prehistoric times to modern days through its many features, this museum is all about creating an authentic historic experience for its visitors. From the captivating (shiny and golden) Lord Mayor’s Coach to the recreated Victorian Street that allows you to Shop Like A Victorian, the Museum is fascinating and fun. 

The Tate Modern

Britain’s most renowned art gallery is a must-see for all families. Educational, fun, and spanning a whopping space of over 4 floors with 11 rooms each, there is a lot to see, and the majority is free.

Young V&A

London’s ‘Museum of Childhood’ in Bethnal Green has recently been revamped as ‘Young V&A’, and is a guaranteed fun experience. It's designed by children, for children aged up to 14, with an emphasis on interactivity, creativity, and play. Best of all, admission is free.

With options ranging from all-out fun to all-out education, London houses fantastic museums for kids and adults alike. 

Photo by Gabriela on Unsplash

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