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London area Mazes to lose the Kids in!

6 December 2022

You’ve navigated the maze of London, but now it’s time to branch out into a real, leafy, no crystals, maze.

So, have a read of our top picks, then decide which ones you will tackle. No hedge trimmers allowed. Look forward to a very peaceful ride home, either through tiredness or you simply giving up hope of finding the rest of your crew.


Leeds Castle Maze, Kent

Created from over 2,400 yew trees, you’ll be hard pressed to find your way out of this maze. With a unique circular design that plays tricks on your mind, the maze is designed in the shape of a crown, set in a square!

The trees are well-established, so once you’re in, you can’t cheat! Make your way to the raised centre so you can plan your exit. Decide on a prize for whoever gets back first, set them off, then secretly take the underground grotto route. Be waiting at the exit with a smug face and your palms out.


The Maize Maze, Essex

In a 10-acre field in Braintree, five-miles of pathway are hacked out of maize plants every summer.

The Maize Maze is huge and differs in design each year – which makes a revisit all the more interesting!

This challenge is not as claustrophobic as others, as you can generally see over the top of the plants. Reach the end and ring the victory bell for all the lost souls to hear…you have escaped!

Add in competitions, refreshments, play area, souvenirs, picnic tables and free parking and you’ll have an amazeing day.


Hampton Court Palace Maze, London

One maze to rule them all. The oldest in the UK, the Hampton Court puzzle covers around a third of an acre and is renowned for its challenging layout, especially the dead ends.

A trapezoid in shape, you could be lost for hours. Maybe take a cereal bar just in case? Benches are situated throughout in case you need to take a break!

Hever Castle Mazes, Kent

Not one but two mazes are on offer at Hever Castle. First is the 100-year-old traditional yew maze - with around a quarter of a mile of pathways, you’ll be busy for a while. The trees are over 8ft in height, so you won’t be seeing anything other than the vultures circling high above.

Second is the beautiful water maze with seemingly levitating platforms on which to step, whilst attempting the challenge.

It looks fairly simple, but all is not as it seems…for water shoots up at key points to foil your attempts. So be prepared to get wet by the time you reach the inner grotto. Ponchos are cheating.

Blenheim Palace Marlborough Maze, Oxfordshire

Opened in 1991, the Marlborough Maze is situated at the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill. Throughout the maze, those with a keen eye might spot military symbols and ‘V’ for victory yews.

Whether or not you are victorious remains to be seen! Hundreds of trees stand in between you…and glory. At around 2 miles in length, you’ll be crawling towards the Walled Garden Café when you triumph. Celebrate with coffee and a slice of well-earned pizza. Sadly, no medal.

Photo by Tobias Rademacher on Unsplash

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