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5 Best Castles for Kids in London

6 December 2022

Given the sheer amount of historic events that have unfolded in London, it is no surprise that there are many castles and palaces to explore, dotted throughout the city. We have included some of the best to visit with children. 

Tower of London

It’s fair to say that the Tower of London is an attraction that needs little introduction. Home to the crown jewels, fortress, royal palace and a historic prison, there are many tales about the Tower and not all of them are embellished.

Most people will have heard about the legend that says if the ravens ever leave the tower it will fall down, and the so-called Beefeaters who patrol the tower are iconic in their own right. The tower has an excellent and interesting museum and children in particular will enjoy their visit.  

At number one on the list, you may say that it is the “jewel in the crown” of London’s attractions. 

Buckingham Palace

No trip to London would be complete without a trip to Buckingham Palace, the residence of the King. There is a lot to see, from the stoic Royal Guards in their bearskin hats, standing in guard huts to the “changing of the guard” where hundreds of guards parade in front of the crowd. Revel in the pageantry and the glamour of the royal family and marvel at how the other half live. There are tours available and these are very popular with families. 

Fun fact: Despite the huge security presence, a child managed to sneak into the palace three separate times, stealing food, the Queen’s undergarments, and sitting on the throne. 

Kensington Palace

Renowned as the birthplace of Queen Victoria, Kensington Palace is set within the grounds of scenic Kensington Park. The palace has traditionally been the home of the younger members of the royal family and this has been the role it has served for the past 300 years.

There are often exhibitions at the palace, one of the most recent has been “Royal style in the making”, which explores the fashion collaborations between royals and their favourite fashion designers. 

The guided tours of the palace give a real feel for its opulence and grandeur and the gardens are beautiful, yet functional and fun for children to explore. There is also a tented cinema in the gardens where some of the latest movies are shown.  

Eltham Palace

This historic palace was saved from decline in the 1930s by Stephen and Virginia Courtald, two eccentric millionaires who turned it into an art deco lover’s paradise. A few steps away from the modern art deco themed rooms, the mediaeval great hall harks back to another age where minstrels played ballads to feasting guests at long tables. The gardens are also brilliant to wander around and explore with family.  

Severndroog Castle

This castle stands in the appropriately named Castle Wood and is not one of the better known London landmarks but the views across the city are well worth the trip. It also has a small coffee shop on the ground floor for keeping the family fed and watered. 

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

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