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Top 5 Modern Dance Schools in London for Kids

15 March 2023

If you're looking for a dance school in London for your child, there are plenty of great options. Being more creative and free than ballet, modern dance is a popular choice for kids, and many schools offer classes in this style. We’ve detailed five of the best below:

London Contemporary Dance School

London Contemporary Dance School is one of the best modern dance schools in London for young people. They offer creative dance classes for all abilities, and the summer classes are a great way for young people to explore their imagination through movement. They also offer dance adventures, perfect for children who want to learn more about contemporary dance. Naturally, the teachers are highly experienced and qualified, and they are passionate about sharing the joys of modern dance.

Royal Academy of Dance

The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is one of the world's leading dance schools, with over 14,000 students enrolled in classes each week. The RAD curriculum is designed to challenge and motivate students of all ages while providing a fun and supportive environment. Classes are structured around developing key movement skills, such as balance, coordination, and flexibility. Children learn to tell a story through dance, using their bodies to express emotions and ideas. Sessions are energetic and dynamic, allowing students to explore their creativity and move their bodies in new ways.

South London Dance School

Located in leafy Herne Hill, South London Dance School offer a wide range of modern dance styles for kids to learn, from contemporary to hip hop. They take children from the age of 18 months, with specific modern dance classes for those aged four and above. As they progress, children can choose to take examinations. The passionate instructors aim to emphasise different qualities of movement, such as dynamics and flow. This helps young dancers to develop their artistic quality and musical awareness. 

Footworks Dance Academy

If you're looking for top-notch modern dance education for your child in London, Footworks Dance Academy should be your go-to. They provide the highest standard of training for kids as young as 6 months up to adults. The classes are fun and friendly yet well structured and disciplined, giving students the best of both worlds. Plus, there are ample opportunities to dance at local festivals and competitions if your child is interested in pursuing that path. 

Marble Hill Dance Studio

If you're looking for a dance school that encourages creativity, performance, and appreciation, then Marble Hill Dance Studio is the perfect place for your child. The instructors here are dedicated to helping kids express their artistry through their movements. They're encouraged to experiment and explore different dance styles, and they're also allowed to perform in front of an audience. This holistic approach to choreography helps kids develop a real love and appreciation for dance. 

There are many great modern dance schools in London for kids. Each of these schools offers something unique and special that can benefit your child. If you're looking for a modern dance school in London, check out any of the schools on this list.

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