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Top 5 Modern Dance Classes for Kids in the UK

16 March 2023

Since its inception around a century ago, modern dance has developed and grown, giving birth to a range of contemporary styles. From jazz to hip hop, to theatrical dance and contemporary - these are all forms of modern dance that are taught in hundreds of classes across the country.

DM Studios (Southampton)

This is one of the few schools to offer a class titled “Modern Dance”, and places a big focus on the creative side of the style. When they start, children are taught the basics of modern dance and move onto applying it in one of the most recognisable ways we see it today - as theatrical dance in the form of school-wide production. Children initially attend a “combo class” (for ages 3 - 8) which looks at the three styles of modern, ballet and tap. They can then pursue modern dance in more detail as they move through the age groups.

Give In To Dance (London)

This is a fun, vibrant class at the cutting edge of modern dance. The young people’s classes (ages 5 - 8) take children on a journey through the many styles that owe their beginnings to modern dance, teaching them the foundations of creativity as they go. As they progress, children then have the chance to build on their knowledge with the young people’s fusion classes (ages 8 - 11) and eventually specialise in their choice of particular modern dance styles (ages 11+). Everything is put into practice with creative dance shows, projects, and showcases throughout the year. The school boasts a very experienced roster of teachers - with an impressive array of dancing credits between them. 

Dance For All (Edinburgh)

The classes here are geared towards building the skills integral to modern dance. The school leans heavily into modern dance’s place on the stage with musical theatre woven closely into the curriculum. The school puts on productions throughout the year to give the children the chance to put what they’ve learned into practice. The classes receive consistently positive feedback, with many people reporting noticeable increases in their children’s confidence since attending. The school takes children from age 3 to 18. 

Rubicon Dance (Multiple venues in Wales)

Modern dance has no limits, and that’s the philosophy that Rubicon puts front and centre in their classes. The school exists to “challenge traditional views of what it means to dance”. Classes promote the creative side of modern dance, allowing children to explore movement in their own way. The school is also very inclusive, running classes designed especially for children with SEND (and, of course, welcoming SEND students into other classes, too). The classes are run in four locations - Cardiff, Newport, Penarth and the Vale of Glamorgan.

Excel Dance Company (County Down)

A fun and welcoming dance company close to Belfast, Excel Dance caters for children from ages 4 to 18, and includes classes for children with additional needs. The school runs a vibrant calendar, featuring two annual performance showcases, a musical theatre show and many guest tutors and workshops. The school has a competition dance troupe attached, which runs auditions four times a year.

Photo by Samantha Weisburg on Unsplash

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