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5 Benefits of Modern Dance for Child Development

15 March 2023

Dancing is a good way to improve child development because it helps with cognitive, social, and emotional growth. It also teaches children discipline and how to work together as a team. Modern dancing can help children in many different ways. Here are five reasons why modern dance is good for child development.

Improves Cognitive Skills

Cognitive skills may not be the first benefit you’d think of for kids taking part in modern dance classes. Young children are constantly learning and absorbing new information, and dancing is a great way to help them process and retain all of that new information. When they’re dancing, they’re using their bodies to move through space and time, which helps them better understand spatial relationships. Whether solving a maths problem or catching a ball, the skills they've learned through dancing will give them a valuable advantage.

Aids Social Development

Social skills are critical to children’s success and happiness. In a dance class, children learn to cooperate and work together to achieve a common goal. They also learn how to communicate non-verbally with each other through movement and body language. As they work on perfecting a routine, they develop a sense of responsibility and commitment. At dance classes and competitions, they have valuable opportunities to interact with their peers, as well as children of different ages, and adults. As they learn to negotiate and compromise with each other, they will build important social skills that will help them in all areas of their lives.

Helps with Emotional Growth

Child development experts have long touted the importance of physical activity for developing kids, however a less obvious advantage of modern dance is that it can also help children with their emotions. Dancing requires children to express themselves physically, which can help them to develop a more positive relationship with their bodies. The act of dancing allows children to express emotions that they cannot put into words. Being able to express their emotions in healthy ways will be an asset as they become teenagers and have to deal with stress and hormones.

Builds Discipline

Learning to dance requires children to practise patience and focus as they strive to perfect their technique. This trial and error process helps instil a strong work ethic in young dancers, which can benefit them in other areas of their lives, especially at school. As they continue to grow and progress, children who take up modern dance will find their discipline and dedication continue to pay off.

Improves Coordination, Balance and Strength

Dancers use their whole bodies to execute movements and this helps them to develop strong muscles. Having strong core muscles helps with balance and following precise routines allows children to enhance their coordination skills and agility. Dancing also requires a sense of rhythm, which will improve with practice, and a strong sense of rhythm is useful for other sports and playing musical instruments. Having cardiovascular fitness and strength will stand children in good stead for a long and healthy life, helping them avoid the health problems associated with sedentary lifestyles.

Modern dance is good for child development because it helps with cognitive, social, and emotional growth. It also teaches children discipline and how to work together as a team. Physically, it helps kids grow strong and improve their fitness, coordination and balance. All of these skills are important for health and success in life. Modern dance is a great option if you're looking for an activity that will benefit your child in multiple ways.

Photo by Ricardo Oliveira

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