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What Age can my Kids do Hip Hop?

26 January 2023

From around the age of six, children are developed well enough physically and mentally to try a variety of dance styles, including Hip Hop.

First steps

Most children begin moving to music when they’re only a few months old. Babies are often taken along to dance classes before they can even sit up. These classes tend to focus more on sensory play, stimulation and exploration of the body than traditional dance. That being said, some classes do begin to teach toddlers some simple moves and steps.

Most classes take children from the age of six to begin learning about dance more formally. Children are given the chance to explore different dance styles, and they might begin to discover which forms of dance they enjoy and want to pursue. At this age children are more able to take direction and engage socially with a dance class, so this tends to be the best time to begin hip hop classes. 

Beginning Hip Hop

Every dance style puts pressure on the dancer’s joints. From the age of six, children’s joints are strong enough for the movements used in hip hop. Popping and locking, the dougie, soulja boy, booty pop… Alien as these words might seem, they’re actually moves that your child can learn after just a few lessons. Hip hop is a dance form in which children can acquire a repertoire of moves pretty quickly - a great boost for confidence! Like any skill, hip hop dancing takes practice to master. To make headway, children will need to dance in their own time, often for over 30 minutes a day. At around the age of six, children are old enough to understand this for themselves and can apply themselves to their learning independently.


Hip hop is a great fit for kids of all ages. Because children often crave freedom to express themselves, and because a huge part of hip hop is about improvisation, this dance style can really resonate with young people. The routines are, by their nature, lively and energetic. A hip hop session gives children a fun and stimulating workout. Hip hop comes in many styles which are still developing today. It’s one of the most cutting-edge dance forms, forever evolving and growing. Children grow up with hip hop all around them, from music videos to dance shows to social media. They might be bitten by the hip hop bug at any age, and that’s okay!

It’s Never Too Late To Start

A large number of young people take up hip hop dancing in their teenage years, often because they’re developing new tastes, or their friends are doing it. With its spirit of no set rules and no set movements, hip hop can be great for teenagers to explore themselves, channel their energy and have an outlet for their creativity. Hip hop can also help reduce stress, perfect for teens who might be feeling the pressures of the classroom.

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