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Top 5 Hip Hop Classes in Manchester

26 January 2023

Hip Hop dance classes are popular across the UK with young people and a particular hotbed of this craze can be found in Manchester. There are some truly excellent dance classes with talented and passionate instructors in Manchester, so this is to be expected. We have listed five of the best below. 

Cadmans Dance Centre

Having been established almost 30 years ago, Cadmans is the leading dance centre in the Manchester area. There is a huge array of diverse dance classes on offer from experienced teachers. If you are looking for hip-hop dance classes that encourage the maximum individuality, self-confidence and virtuosity, this is definitely the class for your child. Many alumni of their classes have gone on to have careers in hip-hop and street dance and their teachers are passionate in passing along their skills to the children. 

Break Dance Manchester

As a subset of Hip-Hop dancing, break dancing is probably one of the best known examples of street dancing. It was something that originated outside of formal classes but the moves have now become recognised and codified to the point where they can be taught in classes to new students. The moves may look very complicated but the talented teachers at Break Dance Manchester take the time to explain how they work and break them down into their component parts.

Lil Beatz

Running dance classes from 1-6, Lil Beatz is a high energy class that allows the children to burn off their excess energy in a fun and healthy recreational way, while at the same time learning how to improve their balance and control of their bodies. All the staff are fully trained and know how best to help the children to build their self-confidence and find their self-expression through the medium of dance. 

0161 Studios

Named for the local area telephone dialling code for Manchester, this dance studio is one of the most accomplished in the city when it comes to teaching Hip-Hop dance. Their teachers are drawn from a talent pool that spans the world and they are one of the premier Hip-Hop dance classes in the whole of the UK. They have built a community of talented dancers and can teach the kiddos to bust some serious Hip-Hop dancing moves. They train everyone from beginner level all the way up to expert level so there should be something for everyone at 0161 Studios. 

DanceZone Studios

Established ten years ago, DanceZone studios have managed to build a warm and friendly community around the dance classes that they run. Classes start at age two and they offer hip-hop dance classes aimed at all levels of experience and ability so most kids will likely find something that suits them. They have experienced and fun tutors who can teach all of the moves and skills needed for successful Hip-Hop dancing and they can support improvement and development all the way up to a competitive professional level.  

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