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Top 5 Hip Hop Classes in London

26 January 2023

There are many hip hop classes based in London, due in large part to the diversity of the population based in the capital. Hip Hop music and dance is very popular here - and for good reason. Learning how to sing and dance in a hip hop fashion can benefit kids' development while they have fun.

Dance is excellent for physical development and hip hop music and rap battles can be lyrically very clever, improving young people's vocabulary and sense of rhythm. The top five Hip Hop dance classes in London are listed below. 

Bubblegum Dance

This is a great and friendly class for young people who are looking to learn Hip-Hop and street dance. They accept a wide range of abilities and are focused on fun as well as the learning and exercise aspects of the dances. Performance opportunities are provided so that the young people become more comfortable and accustomed to an audience and there are also auditions and trips that can be attended as abilities improve.  


Established over 20 years ago, DanceMode has become well known as a leading freestyle dance school, focusing on street dancing, and encouraging a great deal of self-expression from the students. They have around 1500 students per week and aim to increase their self-confidence and belief in their own abilities as well as simply teaching them how to replicate dance moves. The more talented students may be entered into competitions, subject to the permission of their parents.

Freedom of Dance

Offering a range of ballet, contemporary and street/hip-hop dancing classes, Freedom of Dance is passionate about being able to engage young people in interesting ways and supporting them in learning the variety of techniques that they require. They offer an individual approach that focuses on the student and what works best for them in terms of learning and they encourage and facilitate their happiness and confidence. A highlight for many of their students is the annual show that they perform called “Dance Mania”, as this allows parents to see what they have learned during the year.

Soul 2 Dance

Mostly aimed at children 5 and a little older, the Soul 2 Dance classes are aimed at sparking an interest and enjoyment from movement and dancing. Their street dancing classes are very high energy and popular and the kids will come home feeling tired but fulfilled from some excellent exercise and high-tempo dance activities. There is less of a focus on skills and more on having fun as this is aimed at a slightly lower age group than some other classes.

Shine Academy for the Performing Arts

Offering dance classes from the age of three to sixteen, Shine Academy runs extremely inclusive classes which welcome young people with disabilities to take part alongside children without disabilities. They run classes in many different disciplines including hip hop and street dancing and help them to learn more about drama and singing as well as dance. 

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