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Kids' Hip Hop and Dance Camps in the UK

26 January 2023

Hip-Hop and street dance classes have become really popular in the UK, particularly with the advent of the TikTok platform where anyone can show off their newfound dance skills, moves and routines online.

As a result of this popularity, there are now some established dance camps and intensive programmes for kids held across the UK. These focus on teaching a lot in a short amount of time in condensed programmes while at the same time building the confidence of the kids and offering them fun games and activities. Hip-Hop camps are also great opportunities to make friends with similar interests. We look at five of the best Hip-Hop and street dance camps on offer below. 

Hip Hop Don’t Stop by Urban Strides

Boasting the chance to learn six months worth of dance moves in just five days, the Hip Hop Don’t Stop classes by Urban Strides offer access to some of the top street dance instructors in the world. The aim is to help youngsters to learn new moves in an intensive five day camp where the foundation is a solid sense of self-belief and confidence in your own abilities. They build up the kids who attend and boost them so that they feel great about themselves as well as their new dance moves. 

Street Dance Moves

A summer dance camp for kids based in London which is run by a very talented choreographer and dancer who connects well with children of all ages. The dance camps teach Hip-Hop and street dance moves quite intensively and are ideal for children who want to learn more and have fun at the same time. There are also other activities like sports and yoga interspersed with the dancing sessions to give a more rounded fun and fitness experience as well. 

Camp Cooper

This is an international summer camp based in the UK, which welcomes children from all over the world. They can choose which track to follow and those who choose dance are able to learn awesome Hip-Hop and street dance moves. It is an encouraging and wholesome environment and the children are well supported throughout by professional and friendly staff who ensure they get the best from the experience.

Summer Dance Camp by Streetfunk

A week long summer camp that helps young people learn Hip-Hop and street dancing skills. They will learn new dance moves and get to show off their skills at the end of each day. The instructors are well qualified and attentive and your child will come back brimming with confidence and a sense of achievement. 

Street Dance by Pineapple Arts

Children are treated to a full week of Hip-Hop and street dance moves with five separate classes per day, each run by a world class choreographer. These classes are likely to be more challenging than some of the others so an intermediate level of skill is probably required before enrolling here.

Photo by cottonbro studio

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