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5 of the Best Kids' Dance Camps in the UK

21 January 2023

If you're looking for an exciting and creative way to keep your kids entertained this summer, look no further than a dance camp. A dance camp allows your kids to explore their creativity, meet new friends and most importantly, have fun. There are many great dance camps available throughout the UK, and here are five of the best.

HDI Dance Camp

HDI Dance Camp is the leading dance camp in the UK for kids because it provides a platform for dancers to train with some of the world's most experienced and famous choreographers in the industry. The camp offers a more personal experience than other dance camps, and dancers gain valuable insights into the industry from working with choreographers who are at the top of their field. In addition, the camp provides an opportunity for dancers to perform in front of a live audience, which is a valuable experience for any dancer.

Mini Professionals Dance Academy

Mini Professionals Dance Academy's holiday camp has a wealth of exciting classes, tailored specifically for each child's age group. With camps split into categories for children aged 3-18, there is something to suit every budding dancer. What's more, the academy is open to both Mini Professionals students and non-students alike, making it the perfect opportunity for dancers of all levels to come together and learn from one another. Whether they're taking their first steps in ballet or perfecting their hip-hop routine, there's no doubt that they'll be having the time of their lives at Mini Professionals Dance Academy.

Dance City Dance Camp

Dance City is another excellent dance camp for kids. Children aged 5 – 14 have the opportunity to experience lots of different dance styles during the school holidays and perform for parents at the end of the week. The camp provides a supportive and fun environment for kids to explore their creativity and build confidence. Plus, the camp staff are passionate about dance and committed to providing a high-quality experience for all campers.

Holiday Academy Dance Camp

Holiday Academy Dance Camp is one of the best dance camps in the UK for kids who want to focus on hip hop and break dance. The camp offers a fun, educational and healthy environment where kids can express their feelings to the beat. The camp is also unique in that it is not competitive, so kids can enjoy the experience without feeling pressured.

Camp Cooper's Summer Dance Programme

Camp Cooper's Summer Dance Programme is one of the best dance camps for professional instruction and choreography. The programme offers everything from traditional styles of dance to hip hop and has classes for the beginners and the advanced. The kids are encouraged to work together to form their own dance routines, and the camp provides a supportive and fun environment for all. If you're looking for a great way to improve your child's dance skills, Camp Cooper's Summer Dance Programme is a great choice.

The five dance camps highlighted above are some of the best in the UK, and each offers something unique and special for kids. If you're looking for a fun and creative way to keep your kids entertained this summer, be sure to check out one of these great dance camps. Your kids will have a blast while learning new skills and making new friends.

Photo by Brett Sayles

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