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5 Things That Children Learn when Cooking

17 August 2023

It’s not always easy to think of activities you can do at home that will expand your children’s skillset, while still allowing them to have a good time. Although there are other viable options, cooking and its benefits have often been forgotten. Cooking isn’t just some silly activity people are forced to do; it can be a fantastic way to relieve stress and learn a great skill for the future.

It benefits your child and the whole family since you’re able to build your bond between parent and child. The good thing about cooking is that the lessons your children get from it are not just motor skills, but can be vital life lessons they can use later on in life. Let’s delve a little deeper into 5 things your child will learn when cooking...


When cooking, your child will be taught to exercise patience. Aside from that, they’ll also be taught that there are many things one can do while waiting. It might be painful to smell that wonderful food and not be able to taste it - but they’ll learn that some things are worth the wait! While waiting for their food to cook, your kids could clean up or prepare their next dish. Whatever it may be, they’ll realise throughout the process that waiting isn’t all that bad.

Maths Skills

While the maths skills your kids learn while cooking might not be that advanced, it can be an excellent way to understand how numbers can be incorporated into real-life tasks and scenarios. Through cooking, they will see that maths has value in life, and how there are so many situations where they’ll need maths to solve their problems. Your kids will learn how to measure, calculate, and understand units of measurement when weighing different ingredients. Who would have thought cooking could help kids learn maths?!

Learning About Eating Healthily

A lot of children are picky eaters. Many are also unable to appreciate the value of food. However, with cooking, since they deal with these ingredients face to face every day, they will be exposed to their nutritional value and understand how even the smallest of ingredients can affect dishes. Appreciation of food has become a lost art with the wide variety of snacks and fast food available. By cooking, your kids will understand more about what it means to eat healthily.

Family Bonding

Cooking is such a great way to bond with your children. While many other activities can help your children develop and learn, few are as effective as cooking when bonding with them. When cooking, your children depend on you to keep them safe whenever they encounter tasks for the first time. There will be tasks that only you as the parent can perform, so they will look up to you to help them out.

Safety First!

In the kitchen, children must be wary of the dangers lurking around - otherwise they could get hurt. This teaches children to have a healthy approach towards being careful and always treat sharp objects with respect.

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