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Steps on the Coding Journey for Children

22 June 2023

If your kids are interested in coding, it's important to start them on the right path. Below are some steps on the coding journey for children.

Pick a suitable coding language

It's important to pick a coding language that is suitable for your child's age, to keep them interested and prevent them getting overwhelmed and giving up. Younger kids may want to start with a visual programming language such as Scratch, while older kids may be able to handle a more text-based language like Python. Then, once they have mastered one language, they can move on to more challenging languages.

Use child-friendly coding resources

There are many resources available online and offline that can help your child to learn to code. Some of these resources are specifically designed for kids, while others are more general. Finding fun and engaging resources for your child will help them stick with coding and make progress. You might be better off using online resources as computer science evolves very quickly and printed books can become out of date. Make sure you supervise young children when they're using the internet for their safety. 

Join a coding club

You might think of coding as a solitary activity but it can be very social. Joining a coding club can provide inspiration, support and motivation, as well as opportunities to make new friends. Your children's school may have extracurricular coding activities, or your local library may run a club. There are also holiday courses which offer more intense coding learning and fun. 

Get involved in open source projects

Once your child has mastered the basics of coding, they may want to get involved in open-source projects. Collaborating on open-source projects is a great way to learn more about coding and contribute to something used by people all over the world. It can also help to build your child's coding portfolio, which may be helpful when they are applying for jobs or colleges in the future. 

Start their own coding project

After your child has learned the basics of coding, they may want to start their own coding project. They could make a game or a useful app. Working on a coding project of their own can be an excellent way for them to learn more about coding and develop their skills. They can also show family and friends what they're working on. 

These are just a few steps on the coding journey for children. With the right resources and support, your child can learn to code and develop a lifelong interest in this important skill.

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