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Coding Summer Camps my Children Can Do

23 June 2023

The following are in-person summer camps where kids can learn coding while doing fun projects. It can boost your child’s performance in school in science, maths and technology as well as exercising their creativity and developing language skills. They will meet new friends and learn skills that increase their employment chances for high earning professions. They can design their own computer game, build a website or operate a robot.

Software Academy

Software Academy runs week-long courses in 3D Game Design and Python at Cricklewood studios NW2. Children learn real-world tools that are taught at university and used professionally. If the child does 2 weeks they can qualify for NCFE Level 1 certificate. They could then continue onto Level 2 and 3 in September. The teachers are very enthusiastic and passionate, teaching small class sizes. Courses run Monday to Friday 09.00 to 15.00. 


Funtech run courses in person in London and the South East with a residential course in Tonbridge. They aim to prepare children for the digital future. They recognise that fun is the best way to engage the children. Classes are kept small with a 1 teacher to 6 pupil ratio. There are nine different courses to choose from including Python, Minecraft and 3D Design. The age range is 7-16, depending on the course. The children’s on-screen time is monitored with physical activities during breaks. The residential course is held at Tonbridge, one of the world’s most exclusive boarding schools, with six-and-a-half hours of course learning a day.

Mama Codes

Mama Codes has in-person summer camps for kids aged 4 -11 at various locations around London. They can learn Scratch, craft and code and robotics. Ideally they will bring an i-pad that runs Scratch from home. The classes are split into ages 4 - 7 and age 7 - 11. They run from 09.00 to 12.30 in the mornings. The younger kids' days are themed for example Super Heroes or Treasure Hunt. The older children might have a theme like Lunar Girl or Defence Against the Dark Arts.

British Youth International College

The British Youth International College runs coding and robotics boot camps in-person in Glasgow. Classes run from 09.00 to 16.00 and each week progresses through the summer. There are games classes for ages 6 - 9. A separate course includes an afternoon of athletics with gaming and robotics. Kids are encouraged to bring their own laptops so they can keep the games they make and install software. They could also bring a pen drive. 


BlueShift is based in Notting Hill, London and has in-person summer camps. They pride themselves on a creative approach to coding to keep the kids excited. They want to give the children a love of technology, preparing them for a future we cannot imagine. For kids ages 5  - 14.

There are many more on-line classes although the kids do not have the advantage of being able to meet other children and learn from their peers.

Photo by Gustavo Fring

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