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5 Reasons Why Kids will Love the Circus

17 April 2023

Circuses have changed in recent decades, with a move away from using animals towards purely human performers. But that doesn't make them any less fun for children. Circus performers are some of the world's most talented and skilled people. They can do things that seem impossible, like balancing on a tightrope or riding a unicycle while juggling. If you’re still not sure whether your kids will enjoy the circus, read on.

It's non-stop fun

Kids love having fun, and a circus is a place where fun never stops! From the moment children step into the big top, they're greeted by a non-stop barrage of colour, excitement, and laughter. Clowns are juggling, acrobats are flipping, and trapeze artists are soaring through the air. Every act is amazing and entertaining, so kids will be enthralled from start to finish.

It's exciting

For children, a circus is a place where they can see things they've never seen before. From skilled acrobats to daredevil stunt performers, there's always something incredible to see. There might be juggling with fire, motorbike stunts, human pyramids or even knife swallowing - just make sure to tell the kids not to try it at home! And since no two circuses are exactly alike, they can expect to see something different each time. Modern circuses are making use of technology and visual effects to enhance the experience, in place of animals. 

It's interactive

The circus is an interactive experience, where audience participation is encouraged. Children have boundless energy and at the circus, unlike at more formal venues like theatres, they can be vocal about their excitement. The ringmaster encourages everyone to cheer on the acrobats and stunt performers, making an inclusive, fun atmosphere. 

It's funny

Kids love to laugh, and a circus is a place where they can see people being funny. The clowns are the stars of the show, and they amuse everyone with their silly antics. But there's more to a circus than just clowns. The acrobats and jugglers are unpredictable and quirky, performing amazing feats that amaze the young spectators. For kids, a circus is a place where they can see funny people doing impossible things, and that's why they love it.

The performers are amazing

One of the main draws of circuses are the incredible performers, often from all over the world. These talented artistes dazzle audiences with their death-defying stunts, jaw-dropping feats of strength, and heartwarming acts of kindness. They look happy and seem to be having the time of their lives while they push their bodies to the limits. This positive attitude is infectious and helps create a fun and festive atmosphere that kids can't help but love. Your children may even be inspired to learn to juggle or take up gymnastics themselves after watching the show. 

So take your kids to the circus and let them see why it's such a great experience. They're sure to have a blast and create lasting memories. 

Photo by Beyza Kaplan

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