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5 Exciting Circus Games for Kids

17 April 2023

Circus games are a great way to keep kids active and entertained. They can play them indoors or outdoors, and they're perfect for parties or rainy days. All you need is a few props and some imagination. Here are five fun circus games to try with your kids.

Tightrope walk

Balance a broom handle or rope between two chairs or other support objects (check it’s secure). Challenge your child to walk across the tightrope without falling off. You can make the tightrope higher off the ground as kids gain more confidence. For younger kids, you can use a thicker tightrope, such as a plank of wood. It's also a good idea to put a mat or a duvet under the tightrope to create a soft landing for any falls. For an added challenge, see if they can walk backwards or carry something while they tightrope walk.

Plate spinning

This classic circus act is also great for kids. Give each child a small plate and a chopstick or dowel rod. Help them balance the stick on the edge of the plate, then see how long they can keep it spinning. This may be stating the obvious, but don't give the kids your best china plates to spin! Use plastic or paper plates instead to avoid any smashing accidents. As kids get better at spinning the plates, they can try spinning two plates at once, or even three.

Hula hoop contest

Hula hoops are great for physical activity and can be used in all sorts of games. Set up a hula hoop course with different challenges to see who can make it through the course the fastest. Or, hold a hula hoop contest to see who can keep their hoop spinning the longest. You can also see how many hoops each child can keep going at once, or who can hula the furthest.

Balloon juggling

Juggling balloons is a fun way to practise hand-eye coordination. Give each child a few balloons and have them try to keep them in the air, juggling them as they go. You can also see how long they can keep a balloon in the air without using their hands. As they get better, they can try juggling two or more balloons at once. Make it into a competition by seeing who can keep their balloons up the longest or who can juggle the most balloons simultaneously.

Clowning around

Put on some funny clothes, get out the costume make-up, and let your kids make up their very own circus act. They can walk like a clown, juggle scarves or beanbags, ride a unicycle, or do anything else they can dream up. Encourage them to be creative and have fun. If you have a video camera, you can have them perform to an audience and record their act to watch later. The most important thing is to have fun and be silly!

These are just a few of the many fun and exciting circus games that kids can enjoy. So get out there and start clowning around! Your kids will have a blast while learning coordination, balance, and other important skills.

Photo by cottonbro studio

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