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5 Benefits of going to a Circus for Kids

18 April 2023

There's nothing quite like a circus. The big top has been rolling into town for hundreds of years and doesn’t show any sign of stopping. For children, the experience of going to the circus is truly unique. It’s one of the only places you can find the particular mix of amazing acrobatics, comical clowns, jaw-dropping juggling and death-defying stunts. The traditional circus has a certain feel that’s difficult to replicate, and it’s well worth checking out if you get the chance.

They’ll be bitten by the circus bug

It’s highly likely that your child will come out of a circus show wanting to run away with them when they leave! Even if (hopefully) they’d rather stay at home, they’re likely to be inspired to take up some circus skills of their own. Circus skills are currently very popular hobbies, and these days you’ll find circus skills classes in most major cities and towns. Learning circus skills is fun, fulfilling, gives children a chance to be active and athletic, and can be taken up relatively cheaply and easily. 

Circuses showcase people and skills from around the world

In the distant past, circuses were sometimes seen as cruel and mocking. These days, though, that isn’t the case. In fact, circuses nowadays boast of the wonderful and diverse arrays of acts and personalities that they showcase. The modern-day circus is about breaking down barriers and working together, meaning children will witness incredible teamwork by attending the circus. Not only does an entire circus rely on a team to run but each individual act is about working together (after all, the human pyramid wouldn’t be quite so dazzling without teamwork needed to achieve it.)

There's the chance to experience a live performance

In the past few years, the chances for children to see any sort of live performance have been few. Any chance for them to get out and see something performed will be special and magical for them. In terms of the circus, they will see things they could never have dreamed of. Children will have probably seen circus acts on TV talent shows, but until they witness these feats of human achievement with their own eyes, they might not fully believe them.  

It’s a local night out

The circus coming to town is a local event. As the whole neighbourhood descends, it becomes a social occasion that’s talked about in the homes and playgrounds of the area. It’s a lovely thing for children to get in on. The night out itself is a great chance to spend time as a family, and the acts you will see are sure to spark energetic conversations on the way home. Many circuses are about more than just the show, and will often have stalls, food vans, or even the performers themselves, open for visiting before and after the main show.

It’s a little bit of history and culture

The circus as a concept began in the mid-1700s and the tradition hasn’t stopped since. By attending a traditional circus, children can experience a piece of living history and culture. Some circuses - such as the Blackpool Tower Circus - have actually been running continuously for over 100 years! Even if the circus itself is new, the traditions and features on display will go back for many years. Attending a circus might open up your child’s inquisitive mind and lead to them looking into and appreciating more art forms of the country and world.

Photo by fer gomez on Unsplash

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