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Top 5 Santa's Grottos in the UK

19 November 2022

There are wonderful Santa’s Grottos all over the country this year, so why not pay them a visit? Here are the Top 5 Santa’s Grottos in the UK!

SantaLand – Winter Wonderland, London

Christmas in London isn’t Christmas without a visit to London Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland, the much-loved and much-visited Christmas celebration. The event contains absolutely everything you could want or need from a fair.

There are plenty of kid-friendly rides, festive food, drink and a chance to meet Santa himself at Santa Land. You will need a ticket to enter Winter Wonderland but you don’t need to book a slot for the Santa Grotto, just turn up, wait in line -  and you’ll eventually get a chance to meet Santa!

P.S. While you’re there, why not also take part in the Elf Dance Off? Doesn’t that sound intriguing?!

Santa Land – Edinburgh

Edinburgh is famous for its wonderful Christmas celebrations and the Santa Land Christmas Grotto is a no-brainer for your kids this year. The event takes place alongside ice-skating, traditional fairground rides, and the chance to gather around Father Christmas to hear a festive fairy-tale.

Your child won’t be disappointed either, as they will get their chance to sit on Father Christmas’s knee, meet his happy Elf helpers and take home a special Christmas gift!

Royal Albert Hall, London

The much loved and awaited return of Father Christmas to the Royal Albert Hall is upon us. This festive experience provides your children with an immersive atmosphere like no other. Taking place on the beautifully transformed porch of the Royal Albert Hall, the event invites you to take a peek into the glorious world of Christmas and be greeted by Father Christmas himself, alongside his head elf Crumpet.

Together, they will take you and your children on an eventful journey in this quaint Christmas Storytime event – which ends with every child taking home a special gift!

Father Christmas at the Eden Project, Cornwall

Yes, you heard me right – Father Christmas is at the Eden Project. This wonderful and truly unique experience is a 40-minute session that begins with a show, followed by children spending time with Santa’s helpful elves - and ends with the grand finale of meeting Father Christmas himself. With treats and a very special letter from Santa himself, the event at the Eden Project is a must-try at least once in your life!

The event is also a great opportunity to take your kids to see the rest of the Eden Project, maybe it’s not as Christmassy as other events - but it is a truly eye-opening experience. Your children will love to explore the lush greenery and breathe in that humid air in the dead of winter.

Santa and The Snow, Braehead

We all dream of a white Christmas, but it is becoming increasingly rare for any of us to enjoy one. But what if you could guarantee your family a little taste of a white Christmas? Taking place in Braehead, Scotland - the Santa and The Snow experience guarantees your children get to play around in real, yes REAL, snow.

Your kids start off in an elf school full of weird and wacky characters, and then move up to the elf workshop where they get to craft their own Christmas decorations. They then head off to meet Santa in his cabin to hear him tell a festive story. Finally before leaving, each child will be given a present and released into the real snow playground where they can make snowmen to their heart's content!

Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash

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