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Top 5 Santa's Grottos in Scotland

19 November 2022

What could be more special than visiting Santa? That too in the beautiful country that is Scotland. Here are the Top 5 Santa’s Grottos in Scotland that you need to see.

St Enoch’s, Glasgow

The shopping centre at St Enoch transforms itself during festive season and this year will be no different. However this year, there is not only one Santa’s Grotto - but two! Santa will be present in his grotto outside the shopping centre as well as inside the famous Hamleys toy shop.

There is also a special ‘Meet Father Christmas’ event in which your children can meet Santa during a full day experience. This will include food, snacks, Christmas list making, carol singing, dancing and much more (plus a bonus gift!).

Santa Land, Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s Santa Land might not be as big as London’s, but it is without a doubt worth a visit. This city has taken Christmas to a different level and has become a major destination for all those in the UK. Come to Santa Land, Edinburgh to get a taste for Christmas in this beautiful and historic city.

Alongside the traditional grotto, there is a European market selling traditional goods and food, a Scottish market and a Children's Market! The grotto itself also offers the full Santa experience, allowing your child to meet the excited Elf helpers and sit on Father Christmas’s knee before receiving a unique Christmas gift.

Santa’s Woodland Experience, Stirlingshire

For a slower, less rushed Santa’s Grotto experience, look no further than the Woodland Experience in Stirlingshire. This experience will guide you and your family at a relaxed pace allowing your family to enjoy the calming atmosphere of the woodlands – no rushing about or standing in queues to be plopped onto Santa’s knee.

The experience includes being taken on a tractor ride through a woodland lit up with fairy lights, visiting a warm cabin in which children get to choose a present, and having a chat with Santa. Afterwards, the tractor will drop you off at a byre full of hot drinks and food - all produced by local businesses. It really does sound like a wonderful experience.

Santa and The Snow, Braehead

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Well, how about you make that dream a reality by visiting Santa and the Snow in Braehead. The event guarantees you and your children get a taste of real snow alongside all the other festive treats of a Santa’s Grotto.

Your children will start off in an elf school, before graduating to elf college - I mean the workshop - in which they will get the opportunity to craft their very own Christmas decorations. Afterwards, they’ll get to go off to Santa’s cabin in which they get to hear him tell a festive story before giving each of them a special present. Lastly, and perhaps most excitedly for the children, is the chance to play in the real snow play area! Your children will get to build snowmen and play with snowballs for as long as they want, guaranteeing them a taste of a white Christmas this year.

Santa’s Bon Accord Winter Wonderland, Aberdeen

For a more charitable experience, think about visiting the Bon Accord in Aberdeen. This event has the traditional market stalls, fairground rides and Santa’s Grotto experience. It will allow you to enjoy the festive atmosphere whilst also giving to those less fortunate, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Archie Foundation.

Photo by Marina on Unsplash

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