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5 Reasons why Christmas Markets are so Popular

19 November 2022

Are you an avid Christmas market goer or are you tempted to roll your eyes when you see them being advertised? Well, one thing is certain – Christmas markets are extremely popular! 

Here are 5 reasons why you should go to a Christmas Market this year. If you don’t need convincing, these are 5 reasons to remind you why you are as excited as you are!


Festive cheer is most definitely a thing and it can’t be felt any more than at a Christmas market. With the twinkling lights, Christmas colours and wonderful ambience – there is something very special about the atmosphere.


A Christmas market isn’t complete without a little bit of panic shopping! The markets offer a wonderful opportunity, particularly in this digital age where we can get amazing bargains from the comfort of our sofas. It gives us that push to get out of our homes and support local and genuinely talented craftspeople and artists. It is all too easy to do your shopping online, however markets offer a great chance to pick up a couple of small items (or even big ones) that you hadn’t even thought of.

Best of all, the market stalls are beautiful and they make for a great window-shopping experience – especially for the children. The stalls are often beautifully decorated and situated in traditional wooden type chalets. Unlike grumpy big retailers, the sellers are more than happy for you to just be there soaking up the atmosphere - so there isn’t that pressure to buy anything.


Markets are extremely kid friendly and, understandably, are very popular with children! The atmosphere and festive spirit give children the chance to embrace their Christmas wanderlust, dive into the world of Santa Claus, and to fully live out their childhood.

Markets put on events, funfair rides and other activities for children to make the most out of their visit. It is a great way to get your kids out of the house and do something active. Most importantly, they’ll love it! Just be careful to not let them buy too many delicious-looking sweets (and yourself for that matter). You don’t actually want a kid in a candy shop!


There really isn’t anything better than throwing off the shackles of diets and getting a taste for all things Christmassy! Lucky for you, markets offer up that opportunity in bucket loads. From bratwurst, eggnog and not-so-traditional pulled pork sandwiches, there is enough food to make everyone’s mouths water!


Christmas isn’t Christmas without a bit of drinking! Markets allow you to stroll around, do your shopping, look at crafts and engage in a variety of other activities - all while sipping on your favourite Christmas beverage. You’ll also get to try a whole bunch of new and interesting takes on Christmas drinks, what’s not to like?

Photo by Denis Jung on Unsplash

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