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5 Tips to Make Tummy Time Fun

20 March 2023

As a parent, you’ll know that time is important for your baby’s development, helping them to develop the muscles in their back, neck, and shoulders they need for learning to crawl. It also helps to prevent brachycephaly - flat spots that can form on the back of the head if infants on their back too much. But getting your baby to stay on their front happily can be quite a challenge. Here are five tips to make tummy time more fun for both of you:

Play music or sing nursery rhymes

Tummy time can be a bit boring for little ones. One way to liven it up is to play music or sing nursery rhymes. The rhythmic nature of music can help to soothe and calm babies, making the experience more enjoyable, while the familiar tunes of nursery rhymes can provide a sense of security and reassurance. Music will also encourage your baby to move their body, which helps to strengthen those all-important muscles.

Use colourful toys

Another way to make tummy time more fun is to get out some colourful toys. Babies are naturally drawn to bright colours, so using eye-catching and interesting toys will help keep them happy and entertained. As they watch the colours move and change, they are working on their ability to track moving objects, an important part of their visual development. You can also stimulate their other senses with toys which make a range of noises and incorporate different textures.

Move around with your baby

If your little one finds tummy time difficult, try moving around with them. By following your baby's lead and responding to their cues, you can help them to explore their surroundings and develop their muscles. Plus, this quality time together can be a great way to bond with your baby. So next time tummy time feels like a struggle, remember that movement can be the key to success.

Talk to your child

By talking to your little one while they’re on their front, you can keep them engaged and make them feel included and part of the family. It's a great opportunity for you to strengthen your bond and build up their language skills. The more you talk to your baby, the faster they are likely to learn to speak. So next time you're down on the floor with your little one, don't forget to chat with them about all the exciting things they're seeing and doing. 

Get the whole family involved

Tummy time can be a lot of fun for all the family. Getting down on the floor with your baby can help them feel supported and encourage them to keep trying. If you have older children, they can join in and play with their younger sibling (with supervision). Young children love to copy what their older siblings are doing. This is also a brilliant way to make sure everyone feels involved. If you don’t have other children of your own, you can include friends’ kids or your baby’s cousins.

By playing music, using colourful toys, moving around, talking to your baby, and joining in the fun yourself, you can help your baby develop the muscles they need while also bonding with them. So next time you're feeling stuck, remember that tummy time doesn't have to be a struggle - with a little effort, it can be a great experience for both of you.

Photo by Daniel Reche

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