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My Toddler is not Walking. What Should I do?

13 June 2023

When bringing up a child, one of the most exciting things to be a part of is their journey toward being able to walk. A child’s journey to walking is incredibly special and is enjoyed mostly by those close to him or her - especially the parents. 

But what if your child isn't walking yet? At what age should your child start walking? Let’s put your questions to rest and discuss these a little further.

When should they start walking?

If you notice your child is still crawling even though kids their age are already walking around the house or the playground, you might want to keep an eye on that aspect of their development. If a toddler is not able to walk at around 18 months, that could still be considered as possibly normal but must be observed diligently. At this point, you want to look at any signs your child may have that would impose he or she is having problems with walking. 

Possible reasons for not walking

One of the major factors that affect a toddler’s ability to walk is usually their environment. When a toddler isn’t pushed to walk and move around as much, the baby develops much slower and will not have the drive to learn to walk. Families that are too busy to engage in activities that will encourage their child to walk or move around are those that have problems in this aspect. In these cases, the toddler’s muscles have not developed or strengthened enough, which is why they are not yet able to walk. If this happens, a physiotherapist would be helpful, as they will let your toddler do some fun exercises and movements to encourage them to get their feet moving. Your child won’t notice that it is a therapy session since play will also be incorporated. They’ll just be having a jolly good time getting active!

Seek medical advice 

Doctors have also noticed that children who have difficulty walking also tend to exhibit problems in other aspects of their development. They may exhibit problems in their speech, or in their social skills. If this is the case, you’ll want to go to the doctor, as they can conduct a few simple tests on your baby to see if any findings will explain the delayed developments. In some cases as well, there are physiological disorders. The problem could be in their muscles, joints, or bones. 

This is why seeking medical help will be the most prudent thing to do. If you try to assess and correct an obvious problem with your child, you may unknowingly cause even more complications to his or her condition. Seek the help of a paediatrician or a physiotherapist whenever you feel like there is something wrong with your toddler’s ability to walk. 

In most cases, they will find nothing wrong - but it’s always better to be extra safe rather than not safe enough. Since they are well trained in their respective fields, they will teach you strategies that you can incorporate into some fun games which will encourage your child to move and start walking. 

Photo by Yan Krukau

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