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Is Baby Yoga Dangerous?

21 June 2023

If practised correctly, Baby Yoga is completely safe. Taking care to support the head of a very young baby and reading your baby’s cues to see if they are enjoying it are simple rules to follow to ensure all goes well. A class with a qualified teacher will teach you moves that are safe for your individual baby at their stage of development. You can increase the stretch or do more challenging routines as the weeks go by.

Keeping your Baby Comfortable

Provide a soft surface for your baby to lie on. A yoga or changing mat with a towel or blanket on top will be warm and cushioning. Some babies do not like to be stripped off to just a nappy so they can be in a short-sleeved vest. The room should be comfortably warm. Pop a sleep suit on afterwards as they are likely to fall asleep.

Baby Yoga moves are adapted for babies and are performed more slowly than at an adult class. They are not vigorous or jarring. Always support Baby’s head and make sure there is no way that the soft spot is going to be bumped.

Choose a Qualified Teacher

Baby Yoga classes should be taught by accredited teachers with specialised training. The teacher will be experienced and be able to reassure you of how your baby feels during the session. You can try out the movements and poses in front of them before using them confidently at home.

Keep it Fun

Ask your baby for permission to do yoga. Let them know this is yoga time. Songs and rhymes will become familiar to them and add to the fun. They should be very smiley and chuckling as you shower them with praise and kisses.

All the eye contact and interaction helps you form a connection with Baby and develop your bond. It's especially helpful for Dads if Mum is breastfeeding or if you have long hours away from your baby at work. You will learn to pick up Baby’s cues and know whether they are enjoying it. Stop if they seem at all agitated or distressed. This is your safety net. The improved communication and bond makes your baby safer in everyday life, as they develop a habit of following your lead.

Benefits of Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga has health benefits including for digestion, which make babies feel better. It can relieve wind, colic or constipation. You will be able to use the moves or routine outside of class to comfort and soothe them in lots of situations.

Baby Yoga strengthens and develops babies' gross motor skills so it is very helpful when they start to roll, stand, crawl and walk making these stages easier and safer for them. It improves their balance and maintains their flexibility.

Baby Yoga relaxes babies and helps them sleep. This makes them happier throughout the day and helps you sleep in turn. It is so important for everyone's wellbeing that the parents get enough sleep.

Baby Yoga gives you confidence and teaches you to read signs from your baby so it's hugely beneficial in day-to-day life with your new addition. They will accept exercise and mental stimulation as a usual part of their day and that will stand them in good stead throughout their lives.

Photo by Alex Bodini on Unsplash

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