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Does Yoga Make My Baby Happy?

21 June 2023

Baby Yoga is a special time when you focus on your baby. It involves extended eye contact and your baby will love the attention. If you have learned the rhymes, your baby will become familiar with them through repetition and know what is coming.

Keeping your baby relaxed

Take a mat and a towel to Baby Yoga class or when you start a session at home so your baby has a comfortable place to lie. Some babies do not like being in just their nappy so a vest is good and a sleep suit to put on afterwards is easy as they are likely to fall asleep. Leave at least half an hour after eating and make sure they are not due for a feed.

Always start by asking your baby for permission and tell them that it is time for yoga. Through repetition, they will learn what “yoga” means. Watch carefully for cues that Baby does not like a particular move or has had enough. Stop if they show signs of discomfort or are unwilling. Lavish them with praise, kisses and cuddles for everything they do. This is a great chance to bond with your baby and improve communication between you that will last into everyday life.

Why do Baby Yoga?

During Baby Yoga gross motor skills are developed, arms and leg muscles strengthen and develop. The poses your baby learns improve their balance and coordination so that when it comes to sitting up straight, standing, crawling and walking, your baby is better prepared and will be a lot less frustrated.

Baby Yoga can help with digestive issues, helping your baby to expel gas and relieving constipation. Your little one will therefore be a lot more comfortable and likely to be happy. The breathing in yoga increases the oxygenation of the body, improves circulation and is thought to boost immunity. So the child is better equipped to face infection and illness.

During Baby Yoga happy hormones including oxytocin and dopamine are released so babies tend to smile and chuckle through the class. This in turn delights the parent and can be a huge help with postnatal depression. If a parent is having difficulty bonding with their baby, picking up these tools to calm Baby down and make them happy is useful anywhere and at any time. Both parent and baby become more confident.

Babies drop off to sleep easily after baby yoga and should sleep longer and more deeply. A rested baby fusses less so is happier over the long term. If they sleep better at night so will you and that helps everyone be in a better mood the next day. 

Baby Yoga Classes

Baby Yoga class is a great place to meet other parents and compare stories and tips for coping with newborns. This support is invaluable for new parents and a calm parent leads to a happy baby.

Connecting mind and body is a practice that babies can use and benefit from for their entire lives. You are introducing them to something which will give them mental resilience and joy forever.

Photo by Anna Shvets

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