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Baby Yoga and Yoga Franchises

21 June 2023

There are various Baby Yoga franchises where you can learn from a qualified practitioner to become confident in handling your baby. Usually the teacher has extensive yoga experience but they have done extra training in Baby Yoga. It's a great way to meet other new parents and often Mum can do a few stretches too, helping you relax and bond with your baby. The teacher will welcome you and get to know each member of the class personally. The aim is to support you through parenting.

What Happens at Baby Yoga Classes?

Baby Yoga usually starts with a warm-up before the exercises to help babies settle into the new environment. There may be soothing music or incense burning. Your baby has to get used to the sights, sounds and smells, recognising where they are if they come regularly. Going to a class allows you to dedicate the time without any household stress. You can look forward to some company and support from other parents.

National Childbirth Trust

The National Childbirth Trust gives teachers extra training in Mother and Baby Yoga. They are trained to University level 5 standard and become licenced associates of the NCT. Mothers and Babies can come along after their 6-week check-up. The teachers are very knowledgeable and experienced creating a friendly atmosphere. The gentle exercises are designed to do together with your baby so you can bond while building up your strength and flexibility together.


Birthlight issues diplomas in Baby Yoga. It promotes parents interacting with babies through touch and movement. Francoise Freedman pioneered Baby Yoga with her book Baby Yoga in 2000 after extensive research in India and looking at ways indigenous peoples of the Amazon actively touch, move and hold their children. Both independent practitioners and institutions use this training.


Yogabellies are a collective of women with a shared vision, passion and ethical values who want to support women. They believe yoga gives babies a positive start in life. Founder Cheryl Macdonald has demonstrated yoga on ITV’s This Morning. Teachers are accredited with certificates in Baby Yoga and Massage

Arhanta Yoga

Arhanta Yoga is an international school with ashrams in India and the Netherlands. Those who have undergone Mother and Baby Yoga training are qualified to teach all over the world as members of the International Yoga Association and the International Yoga Federation. Teachers are trained in putting together sequences of poses and rhymes to go with the moves. They learn advice for new parents and will have certain props for the class.

Many of the classes involve movement to help regain Mum’s core strength and posture after birth. They are also a great place to meet other parents as you negotiate the early days of parenting. You can get advice from others in your situation as well as the teacher who will accept you however your baby reacts and behaves. It will furnish you with tools to help you soothe and entertain your baby in any situation. 

Other Franchises

Hands on Babies is one of the UK’s leading franchises working with local authorities NHS Trusts and national charities. The training is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.

To Baby and Beyond also run fully accredited courses in Baby pre-school yoga for childcare workers. 

Photo by Yan Krukau

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