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What is Toddler Sense?

31 January 2023

Toddler Sense is an award-winning programme of sensory classes for toddlers of 13 months up to the age of 5. Each class is a lesson developed by Dr Lin Day, one of the UK’s leading parenting experts. They are packed with activities that stimulate the imagination and delight children. It follows on from Baby Sensory but can be started by children who have not been to that.

Age Ranges

The New Explorer class is for toddlers aged from 13-20 months. Adventurers is for 20 months to 3 years. Rangers is for 3 years to 5 years old.

The leaders are trained practitioners running a franchise using special equipment from Toddler Sense. They are all DBS background checked. They are enthusiastic and join in playing with the kids. They transform venues into magical worlds.

What Happens at Toddler Sense?

Sensory play is exploring through touch, smell, taste, sight and sound and is important in building nerve connections in the brain. Bubbles, light, music and sounds all feature at Toddler Sense with different themes every week. For example, sparkle week involves flashy balls, pinpoint lights projected on the floor and songs about the stars. 

Toddler Sense classes are physical, involving climbing, bouncing and rolling on the equipment. There might be a slide, a bouncy castle, a ball pool and toddler-sized inflatable ponies to bounce on. They practise balancing and learn how to tackle obstacles. 

The class starts with physical play on the equipment then the children gather for the welcoming song. The children keep the rhythm by tapping rhythm sticks together. This helps their communication skills and makes them feel part of the group. The children come to know the structure of the class and enjoy the same routine every week.

Tod the Doll

Tod is a character doll that the children can take with them on adventures. They relate to Tod and interact with him during imaginative play. Using music and equipment the leaders take the children on imaginary adventures like to the Coral Sea or African Zoo. They might be pirates or cowboys or sharks. The equipment is bright and colourful. Rhymes like Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes delight children.

Social Skills

Toddler Sense classes are social in that they meet other children at class and interact with them while having fun. This helps them develop self-awareness and awareness of others around them. This is really helpful before they start pre-school. They can watch how other children play and start to imitate their actions. Toddlers can overcome shyness gradually - perhaps making just one friend at a time.

Benefits for Parents

Toddler Sense has lots of bonuses for parents too - it’s a great place for parents to meet other parents of toddlers. Kids expend huge amounts of energy at Toddler Sense so it helps them sleep. The leaders discuss development stages and parents can encourage each other as they interpret this knowledge with regard to their own child’s physical, emotional or social development. They can share experiences and ideas. Playdates outside class can be arranged easily as friendships develop. Toddler Sense can be the highlight of both the parent and child’s week.

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