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5 Best Baby Sensory Groups Available in the UK

29 January 2023

If you're looking for ways to stimulate your baby's senses, you might want to consider joining a baby sensory group. These groups are designed to provide babies and toddlers with experiences that will help them develop their senses. Here are five of the best baby sensory groups available in the UK.

Baby Sensory

Baby Sensory is one of the best baby sensory groups in the UK for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the programme is multi-award winning, which indicates that it has been recognised by experts as being high-quality. Secondly, the programme was founded by Dr Lin Day, who is one of the UK's leading parenting experts. This means that the programme is based on sound research and evidence-based practices. Third, the programme offers classes for both Hello Baby (birth to 3 months) and Baby Sensory (birth to 13 months). This allows parents to choose a class that is appropriate for their child's age and developmental stage.

Bloom Baby Classes

Bloom Baby Classes is one of the best baby sensory groups in the UK, providing classes across the UK that aid postnatal mental health. The class leaders are highly trained and experienced in teaching baby play activities that can be replicated at home, making it easy for parents to continue their child's learning and development. The Caterpillar Club from 0-6 months is a great way for babies to socialise and learn about the world around them through music, movement, and play.

Adventure Babies

Adventure Babies is another great baby sensory group in the UK. The classes help your baby fall in love with books and reading, which supports speech and language development. The activities are planned in line with the Early Years Curriculum, so you know your baby is getting the best possible start in life. Plus, the classes are just plain fun! Your baby will love exploring all the different textures, sounds, and smells, and you'll have a great time bonding with your little one. Adventure Babies is the perfect way to stimulate your baby's senses and start them on the path to a lifetime of learning.


Hartbeeps is one of the best baby sensory groups in the UK for a variety of reasons. They have over 20 years of experience working with babies and toddlers. This experience gives them a wealth of knowledge to draw from when designing their classes. They also offer classes for all stages of development, from newborns to preschoolers. This ensures that every baby and young child can benefit from their classes. Hartbeeps classes are designed to be multi-sensory, incorporating sights, sounds, and physical contact, and they have a team of highly qualified and experienced instructors who are passionate about helping babies reach their full potential.

Music Bugs

Music Bugs believe in the power of music to support all key areas of early childhood development. Classes are held across the UK, and they have classes specifically for baby bugs (from birth to crawling) and mini bugs (from 6 months to 24 months). They are also the founders, sponsors and organisers of World Nursery Rhyme Week. Their passion is supporting parents and carers in providing opportunities for their babies and young children to experience the joy of music. Music Bugs believe that music should be a fun and positive part of every child's life, and their aim is to make it as accessible as possible.

There are a number of great baby sensory groups available in the UK, each offering something unique and beneficial for babies and toddlers. Baby Sensory, Bloom Baby Classes, Adventure Babies, Hartbeeps, and Music Bugs are all great choices for parents looking to provide their children with stimulating and enriching experiences.

Photo by Marcin Jozwiak on Unsplash

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