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Where to do Arts and Crafts with Kids?

9 June 2023

There are many places to do arts and crafts with kids. You can stay at home, go outdoors, visit a museum or attend a craft class. 

At home

Home is great for kids to do arts and crafts because it's familiar and comfortable. Plus, you don't need to pack up all your supplies and haul them to another location. And if you make a mess, who cares? It's your house! Doing crafts at home also allows you to be more creative. Don't feel like following a step-by-step tutorial? That's fine! Just grab whatever supplies you have on hand and let your imaginations run wild. Your kids will have just as much fun - if not more - than if you'd followed some pre-determined plan.

Museums and art galleries

Many museums offer free art and craft sessions for kids, making it a great activity for families on a budget. Be inspired by the exhibits on display and create some artworks of your own. Check the websites and social media of local museums and see whether you can sign up for their mailing list of family activities. Who knows - you could have the next Picasso or Monet on your hands!

Art and craft class

Arts and crafts classes provide a great opportunity for kids to explore their creative side. In a structured setting, kids can try different mediums and techniques with the support of a teacher. This can help them discover their strengths and interests and develop their skills. It’s also a great way to make new friends and have fun. 

Community centre or library

Local libraries and community centres often run arts and crafts activities for children. They provide a safe and supervised environment where children can explore their creativity and try new materials and techniques. Check local listings and websites for events and regular sessions.


The local park probably comes to mind when you think of places to do sports with kids, but why not try making some art there too? There’s plenty of space to spread out, and you can take inspiration from nature - trees, flowers, squirrels, birds and more. You can also find materials like leaves and try making collages. 

So, there are many great places to do arts and crafts with kids. It just depends on what you're looking for. You can go to a workshop or take a class and learn new techniques in a structured environment, or you can do crafts at home or in the park if you want a more relaxed setting. 

Photo by Vanessa Loring

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