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Top 5 Benefits of Arts and Crafts Classes for Kids

10 June 2023

There are many benefits to practising arts and crafts with your child whether at home or at a class. At a class, they will be able to socialise and be inspired by other kids and you won’t have to clear up the paint, glue or glitter!

Developing fine motor skills

When they manipulate arts and crafts materials, kids are exercising the tiny muscles in their hands, improving their dexterity. They learn to use both hands at the same time which helps build connections in the brain. This helps with everyday tasks like eating or learning to tie shoe laces. Kids’ hand-eye coordination is improved every time they try to cut a straight line with scissors, draw a circle or thread beads.

Social skills

Kids talk about their work at arts and crafts class so they develop language to describe colours, textures and shapes. Being asked, “Tell me about what you made” rather than trying to guess what it is, lets children explain what they are trying to depict. Both listening and talking are practised. There are instructions to follow and other people’s descriptions to be heard. If the class is themed, they can talk about ideas beyond what they are making. Their picture can inspire a story or scenario. If they are working on a project together they build collaboration skills learning to work as a group. They get to share the experience and this helps their minds grow.

Preparing for Maths

In counting and measuring out materials, choosing and working with shapes, children are using concepts of Maths without realising. They can explore patterns and symmetry. Dividing shapes leads to fractions. Critical thinking and trial and error are the beginnings of problem-solving and great preparation for school. The practical application of Maths is invaluable. They are picking up these skills in a fun setting so don’t feel inhibited or anxious about it being Maths. 


The creative outlet lets them explore and convey their feelings. They grow mentally as they make choices and decisions in creating something. Experiencing the process of making things helps them communicate and is less important to children than the finished product. Their imagination need have no limit. Arts and crafts get them thinking and imagining, they discover new things and explore possibilities. Some kids find it easier to express themselves through art rather than verbally. It can help them develop a sense of identity. Crafting can be very soothing for children who have difficulty controlling their emotions.

Self esteem

Having a physical product at the end of the class is immensely satisfying for children. It gives them a sense of achievement which builds their confidence. Art is a safe place to experiment and make mistakes without judgement or consequence. They develop patience as they wait for glue to dry or their turn for materials. Crafting can help them unwind and relax. They learn to be patient and to persevere. They become more self-reliant as they increase their capabilities. 

These are just a few of the many benefits your child will experience when they take part in arts and crafts, so give it a go!

Photo by Artem Podrez

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