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5 Anime Drawing Classes for Teens

10 June 2023

If you're a teenager who loves anime, or even if you're starting to get into the genre, it's never too late to learn how to draw anime characters and scenes. There are loads of online classes and tutorials available that can teach you everything from the basics of shading and perspective to creating believable character emotions. Here are five of the best ones to get started with.

Anime Art Academy

Anime Art Academy is a great class to take for teens who want to learn how to draw anime from professional Japanese manga-ka and illustrators. Through this course, you will learn all of the skills you need to reach a professional level, including how to create characters, backgrounds, and panels. The in-depth video lessons are easy to follow, and you can always get unlimited personal guidance from industry professionals if you have any questions.

Manga Art School at Skill Share

Skill Share's Manga Art School class makes it easy to draw manga. The class is designed for teens and covers everything from the basics of manga proportions to more advanced topics like facial expressions and creating dynamic scenes. In just a few weeks, students can confidently create their own manga characters. And because the class is taught online, students can access the material at their own pace and fit it into their busy schedules.

Froggy Manga

Froggy Manga is another brilliant option for young people wanting to learn how to draw anime. Based in London, classes are available in person in groups of up to eight, or online, which provide an introduction to the culture and language of Japan through the lens of manga and comic art. Students will learn how to draw manga-style illustrations, plus basics of how to communicate with Japanese speakers. The class is perfect for manga and comic fans who want to improve their drawing skills, and it provides a great introduction to the world of anime for those new to the genre.

Beginner Manga + Anime for Teens

Anime & Manga cartoon art and design is a great class to take for those who want to learn how to draw anime. The class goes over the essentials of capturing facial features and anatomy, as well as figure drawing and proportion. You'll also get lessons on colour theory and how to create manga-style illustrations. The class is taught by an experienced instructor who is passionate about the genre, so you can be sure you're getting quality instruction. And best of all, the class is offered entirely online, so it fits in with your teen's busy schedule.

Anime Drawing for Beginners at Udemy

If your teen is interested in Anime drawing, then the Anime Drawing for Beginners class at Udemy is a great option. In this class, your teen will learn how to draw full-body anime characters in different poses and chibis (miniature characters). The class is suitable for those who are just starting to learn, as all you need is paper, a pencil, and an eraser. By the end of the class, your teen will have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to start creating their own Anime drawings.

There are a variety of great classes available for teens who want to learn how to draw anime. Each class offers a unique perspective on the genre, providing quality instruction from experienced instructors. Whether your teen is a complete beginner or a seasoned artist, there's sure to be a class right for them.

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