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Top Family Horse Riding Centres in the UK

5 June 2023

In 2019, a National Equestrian Survey showed that horse riding in the UK as a sport and popular past-time was on the increase.

Although the number of horse owners had taken a hit, the number of horse riders had increased.

This sounds like great news for the several thousand horse-riding centres around the country! But, as with most things in life, it depends on what you are looking for.

In this article, we look specifically at some of the UK's top family horse riding centres in the UK.

Cairnhouse Riding Centre on the Isle of Arran

The glowing, five-star reviews for Cairnhouse Riding Centre are a joy to read, and indeed - what a glorious place to ride! 

Located on an island off the West coast of Scotland, the centre promises rides across hills, rural farmland, and beautiful beaches. Just take a look at some of the stunning pictures on their website.

The centre is open all year round, offering hacks, lessons, and treks for beginners and experienced riders of all ages from 4 years.

Bewerley Riding Centre in the Yorkshire Dales

In the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, Bewerley Riding Centre offers riding for everyone; young and old, novice to expert, all ages, levels, and abilities.

Lessons, hacks, and pony club provide a range of opportunities to get ‘up-close-and-personal’ with horses, exploring riding techniques, pony care, and hacking trails, among other activities.

And anyone who knows the Yorkshire Dales will understand they’re in for a scenic treat!

Arniss Equestrian in the New Forest, Hampshire

The New Forest is well-known for horses, especially the wild ponies that roam freely in this extensive and stunning part of the UK.

Take a ride with Arniss Equestrian, and you could be trekking out in the forest among the New Forest ponies and the rest of the wildlife.

Lessons, forest rides, and livery are available for beginners, novices, and experienced riders from aged 6 with expert assessment and instruction.

Arniss Equestrian also offers fabulous holiday accommodation in 1 of 3 rental homes with a ‘bring your own horse’ option!

GreenMeadow Riding Centre in Aberdare, Wales

GreenMeadow Riding Centre truly caters to everyone. Since 1977 it has provided excellent lessons, off-road hacks, livery, and riding supplies for all ages and abilities, but non-riders at the centre might be found enjoying a coffee at the on-site cafe or visiting the small animal farm and play area.

GreenMeadow Riding Centre is located within the Dare Valley Country Park, which offers the perfect venue for riding out in the beautiful Welsh countryside while  providing activities for the whole family, non-riders too!

This is just a small selection of what’s available across the UK for horse riders of all ages and abilities. For more information, visit The British Horse Society.

Photo by Barbara Olsen

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