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The Cost of Horse Riding for Kids

2 June 2023

Even if your children are older, it is never too late to begin riding lessons. Children who ride horses reap numerous advantages. However, before enrolling your child in those lessons, you should be informed of the associated fees. Here are five costs to anticipate when your child begins horseback riding lessons.

The cost of the lessons themselves

While horseback riding lessons may appear to be a luxury, they are an essential outlay if you want your child to learn to ride properly. Lessons give an experienced instructor who can teach your youngster proper mounting, controlling, and dismounting techniques. Furthermore, classes allow your youngster to learn to ride in a safe setting with loving horses. As a result, the cost of classes should be regarded a vital investment in your child's safety.

The cost of equipment

The cost of equipment is another expense you can expect to pay when your kids learn horse riding. While you may be able to find some used items at a discount, there’s some things you’ll probably end up having to buy new. Essential items include boots, a helmet (which must be well fitting for safety reasons) and a saddle. By budgeting for the equipment cost, you can be prepared for your child to enjoy horse riding lessons safely.

The cost of stable fees

If your child is very into horse riding, you may wish to invest in a horse of their own, however you should be aware that this comes with a range of extra costs on top of the purchase price of the horse. Unless you have a lot of land, you will need to pay for the horse to live in stables. Stable fees cover the cost of maintaining the horse's stable, providing hay and grain, and paying for other daily care. They also cover the cost of repairs to the stable or other parts of the facility and usually a small amount for insurance. It’s essential to ensure your child’s horse is living in suitable conditions to keep them healthy, so make sure to budget for this.

The cost of transportation

If your child has their own horse, another big expense associated with horse riding is transportation. You will need to either purchase or lease a horse trailer to transport your horse to and from the riding facilities and competitions, plus there are fuel costs as competitions and events may be a significant distance away.

The cost of feed and care

It is important to remember that horses are expensive animals to keep. In addition to purchasing or leasing a horse, there are ongoing costs for feed, bedding, and vet bills. Fortunately, there are several ways to offset the cost of horse ownership. One option is to find a riding school that will provide both the horse and the necessary equipment. Another option is to join a local riding club, which can offer group discounts on everything from lessons to veterinarian bills.

The cost of horse riding lessons, equipment, stable fees, and transportation can be high. By considering the costs involved in horse riding, you can help ensure that your child has a safe and enjoyable experience and that you can budget for the necessary expenses.

Photo by Clint Patterson on Unsplash

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