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Top 5 Alpaca Farms in the UK

4 January 2023

We love Alpacas! 

With their fuzzy hair and long-lashed Disney eyes, cute, quirky faces, and gentle, intelligent nature, Alpacas are increasing in popularity. 

We’ve selected five of the best Alpaca Farms in the UK based on what they offer visitors and the great reviews received from happy customers!

Charnwood Forest Alpacas

Charnwood Forest Alpacas, set on 110 acres of Derbyshire farmland, offers a range of Alpaca experiences. 

Book a 90-minute walking experience, or make your trip extra special and follow up with an Afternoon Tea or wood-fired pizza.

Alternatively, a Cria Watch might be more your thing! Learn about the proud alpaca mums and their adorable babies (or Cria) before heading out to the fields to spend time with them.

Education is an integral part of the farm. Workshops offer Alpaca care and ownership courses for over-16s, and the CALMS programme (Cognitive Animal Learning Methods) offers educational opportunities for ages 16 years+ with additional needs. 

Arran Alpacas

Pop over to the Isle of Arran for Alpaca meet-and-greets, ‘wee’ 60-minute Alpaca treks, ‘big’ 90-minute treks, and a spot of glamping at the Balmichael Glamping site next to the Alpaca paddock.

Located on the stunning Isle of Arran, off the west coast of Scotland, Arran Alpacas maintains a natural, rustic retreat adding a touch of luxury with their wood-fired hot tubs.

Whether meeting and feeding the animals, trekking or simply relaxing, there is something here for everyone here.

Alpacaly Ever After

Set in the beautiful Lake District National Park, Alpacaly Ever After recreates a fairytale ending of happy memories for visitors. 

Learn more about Alpacas (and Llamas) at the 40-minute ‘meet, greet and feed’ sessions. 

If you prefer something more active to wear out the troops (kids), opt for trekking with the Alpacas or Llamas. A selection of walks varying in terrain, duration, and ascent offers something for all ages, fitness, and ability. 

Alpacaly Ever After rescues and rehomes Alpacas and Llamas, providing them with a beautiful home for life. They also work with various third sector organisations and charities, funding their work through the activities they offer to their visitors. 

Unicorn Alpaca Walks

Unicorn Alpacas is a fun and quirky farm full of cute and quirky animals you will love to ‘meet and greet.’ The 40-acre recreational farm offers a range of unique and unusual accommodations where you can relax and reset, ready for the adventures ahead! 

However, the herd of 30 Alpacas is the real star attraction. Take them for a 45-minute stroll before stopping for refreshments and a short tour of the farm, where you will meet the rest of the animals.

Lucky Tails Alpaca Farm

Lucky Tails Alpaca Farm is all about the experience! 

Based in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside, book a 90-minute slot to meet, greet and learn about your new alpaca friends before leading them on a stroll around the farm. 

Visit the other residents, including miniature donkeys and meerkats, or book a combination experience for a truly hands-on day!

Depending on price, annual alpaca adoption packages are available with or without free inclusive visits.

Lucky Tails Alpaca Farm is also part of CEVAS (Countryside Educational Visits Accreditation Scheme), opening their farm to children who might not otherwise have the chance to meet or work with animals.

Photo by Edgar on Unsplash

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