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Top 5 Stay-Over Holidays for Kids

28 November 2022

The recent pandemic still has many families either hesitant, or unable to travel overseas. But fear not, there is no reason to head to the airport for your family getaway, we have everything here in our backyard! There are plenty of all-in-one holidays within the UK exploding with fun for eager children to explore. These places are perfect and action packed, ensuring no trip is wasted whether you are wanting to stay one night or even more.


Legoland Castle Hotel

Always wanted to escape to a magical medieval castle? When the words “Windsor” and “Castle” are mentioned, Lego is not always the next word in mind. However, with their collection of themed rooms, luxury packages and a host of extras, Legoland holidays promises to be a trip filled with enchantment. Packages include overnight stay, entry passes into the Legoland theme park, breakfast, and much more. Regardless of your age, it’s impossible not to be swept away by the charm which Lego has become renowned for.

Butlin’s Wave Hotel

Nothing says nostalgia like a trip to Butlin’s! You may find however, that the Bognor Regis resort has changed a lot over the years. Its live shows offer an array of talent, from Stephen Mulhern, Dick and Dom, to Peppa Pig! Butlin’s prides itself on ensuring that children off all ages have something fun to do, offering fairgrounds, swimming pools, sand art to selfie sessions with cartoon characters – There is plenty here for everyone.


Forest Holidays

Boasting 12 locations across the UK, go back to nature and explore your wild roots. Each location offers something different, become Robin Hood and practice archery in Sherwood Forest, go canoeing at Strathyre, or explore the forests by cycling, Forest Holidays provides action packed fun in a tranquil setting. Their cabins alone offer breath-taking views in the most luxurious way. A Forest Holiday is not one to miss!

Perran Sands Holiday Park

If you asked someone to name a traditional UK holiday, then the word “caravan” would be top of most people’s list. Perran Sands, Cornwall not only lies within touching distance from surfing at Newquay, or a visit to Perranporth’s sand dunes, but it also hosts an array of activities within their holiday park. Adventure golf, roller blading, sports and swimming are just a handful of fun-filled activities the whole family can enjoy.


St Osyth Beach Holiday Park

Children of all ages could easily spend their week lost in the host of activities Park Holidays offer. Not only does it have direct access to the beach, but they also offer evening entertainment, a kids club, a freshwater fishing lake, amusement park, and an indoor swimming pool. Regardless of your hobbies or interests, you will find something to keep the entire family busy. 

Photo by Orlando Allo on Unsplash

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