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Benefits for Kids of Going to Theme Parks

9 January 2023

Theme parks are a thrilling adventure and a memorable day out for all the family. You may be wondering how exactly your children can benefit from the experience though.

A Whole New World!

Theme parks allow children to step into a different world. The detail put into creating an environment like Mutiny Bay at Alton Towers or the Kingdom of the Pharaohs at Legoland stimulates the imagination and makes you believe you are somewhere else in a totally different environment. It can ignite a passion for history. Real actors at attractions like The Dungeon at Alton Towers draw a genuine emotional response from the children, helping them experience history as they never could in a classroom or from a book.

Younger children can meet characters they already love from television for example at CBeebies Land at Alton Towers. Watch their excitement. At Chessington, they can encounter animals from all over the world and develop a wonder and respect for the planet.


All the adrenaline from rides actually causes the body to burn large amounts of calories. In fact, on a ride where you think you are just sitting and screaming your lungs out you might burn 40 to 70 calories! Theme parks are usually spread over many many acres so without realising it children walk many miles in the day. As they are hurtled round bends on a rollercoaster they clench abdominal muscles and tense muscles in their arms clinging on. It's actually similar to what you do at a workout. A full day at a theme park might have as much impact as over an hour at the gym!

Facing Their Fears

Stepping onto a ride and preparing to plunge from a height into the waiting crowd involves overcoming fears. Conquering anxiety to step onto a heart-stopping ride they really thought they couldn’t do can build confidence and self-esteem in the rest of their life releasing them from the weight of worry.

The adrenaline rush is mood-boosting. You feel excited and happy after a ride from the endorphins, which are energising and increase alertness.

Bonding with Family and Friends

For parents, theme parks are an escape from everyday life and can actually relieve stress. Seeing their parents relaxed and having fun is invaluable for children. They too might have stress at school and will find relief at a theme park.

Teenagers can go with a group of friends and the shared experience helps them bond. There is plenty of time in the queues to socialise with lots to talk about. It's easy to make conversation so again it helps confidence. It's a perfect location for those early teenage dates. If younger children are with adults it helps them communicate with older people.

Going to a theme park is all about having fun and creating memories as a family. You are away from daily chores and rules so you can relax and share their delight. Children will appreciate you dedicating this time to them and seeing you outside of everyday life.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

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