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Best Hiking Clothing for Children

17 December 2022

When going hiking with children, it is important to ensure that they have the correct clothing for the expedition. It can often be useful to dress in “layers” so that they are well-insulated from the cold in the inner layers and rain-resistant on the top layer, so they stay dry.  

Base Layers

We often start with a “base” layer that can be worn on its own in good weather or worn underneath the other layers when it is cold. In colder weather, tighter fitting base layers should be worn to trap the heat, and in warmer weather looser base layers should be worn to allow air to circulate, while also being protected from the sun. 

One of the best examples of a reasonably priced tight-fitting base layer is the Trespass Kids Bubbles Base Layer Set which is available on many online stores. 

Mid Layers

A good children’s mid layer would be a fleece top that is lightweight and breathable. This goes on over the base layer and provides insulation and warmth when the weather is cold. It should also be easily removable in warmer weather. Another thing to watch is the combined weight of all the layers so ensuring that the mid layer is fairly lightweight is essential. We don’t want to overburden the kiddos and make it hard to walk at all under the weight of all the clothing they are wearing.  

A decent lightweight, breathable and affordable mid layer option would be the Mountain Warehouse Camber Kids Fleece Top, available from the Mountain Warehouse website and many other online and offline stockists. 

Outer Layers

The outer or “shell” layer can make or break the hike. Nobody likes to be soaked and kids can be quite vocal about their displeasure, to say the least. For a happy hiking trip, a good waterproof outer layer is very important. It is worth remembering that as well as rain, you may even encounter snow - it is the UK after all and the weather can be very changeable. 

One of the jackets that fits the bill well is the Killtech Children's Nastaso Jr. Soft Shell Jacket With Hood, available from online stores, or if you prefer something even more lightweight, a packable waterproof jacket like the Mountain Warehouse Pakka Kids Waterproof Jacket, which is available from the Mountain Warehouse website. 


Hiking boots are essential to ensure that the kids can keep their footing, even when the conditions turn a little more treacherous, and some of the best on the market are the Regatta Kids’ Holcombe Waterproof Mid Walking Boots and the Mishansha Winter Kids Snow Boots which are both available on the Amazon website. 


Another useful idea for clothing for kids on hiking trips is the Attikee Lighted LED Beanie Hat for Kids which gives them a headlamp, in case you are still walking by the time it gets dark, and makes it easier to see and keep track of them in fog or reduced visibility. This is available from Amazon, as well as other online stockists.  

Photo by Alberto Casetta on Unsplash

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