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Best Footwear for Children when Hiking

25 December 2022

Footwear is all-important when going hiking, normal trainers just won't cut it and can actually be a safety hazard. This is especially the case when it comes to taking children hiking, as their ankles and feet need the maximum support when they are trying to traverse sometimes quite challenging terrain. 

We have compiled a list of some of the best footwear for children to wear while hiking and looked at the merits of the different shoes and hiking boots when compared to their price points, to come up with a top five. 

Regatta Kids’ Holcombe waterproof mid walking boots

As hiking boots for kids go, these ones are extremely highly rated for comfort in most online reviews. They are one of the more expensive hiking boots in our review but have good mid-height ankle support in addition to the feeling of comfort. They are also fairly easy to put on, which means that minimal assistance should be required from parents while getting ready to go, which is always a plus for both the kid’s independence and the sanity of the parents.    

Mishansha Winter Kids Snow Boots 

As boots that are designed for hazardous winter conditions, these boots are perfect for hill walking all year round. The grips on the soles will deal admirably with most terrain and there are also leather uppers, which increase comfort and help to regulate foot temperature. Good ankle support is also part of the design.   

Peter Storm kids’ Snowdon II walking boots

These leather boots are designed to be hard-wearing and sturdy, and the way children wear things out, this could be just what is needed! Unusually for leather, they don’t seem to weigh much more than the other fabric walking boots on the list. The rubber sole is able to grip impressively in most weathers and terrains. The only real sacrifice with this boot is in looks, it is not as colourful as some of the other options and is more utilitarian but is good value and is actually one of the least expensive walking boots we have reviewed.  


Mountain Warehouse Edinburgh vibram youth waterproof walking boots

A good, solid pair of mountain boots for children, these are set apart from the rest by the unique moulded soles which are designed to be more ergonomic for walking longer distances than the more traditional style. This may be either a perfect fit or an acquired taste, depending on the children involved. Sole aside, it is a high quality mid-range boot with good ankle support and most importantly, should keep their feet dry due to a good level of waterproofing! 

Hi Gear Kinder II WP Kids' Walking Boots

One of the less-expensive pairs of boots on this list, these are nonetheless comfortable and impressively waterproof. The grips are perfectly adequate for most relatively gentle hillwalking expeditions, though if mountains are going to be attempted, it may be worth investing in something more robust to ensure a safe ascent and descent.  

Photo by Emma Van Sant on Unsplash

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