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Top 5 Resources to Help Children Learn to Fish

26 September 2023

There’s a lot you can do to help foster and promote an interest in fishing in children, from getting involved with your local angling club to watching videos on the internet, and taking a stroll down to a nearby trout pond. If your child wants to learn more, here are some of the best resources to help them.

Get Fishing TV - Angling Trust

This YouTube channel run by the Angling Trust is perfect for the YouTube-savvy children who enjoy watching fun and informative content. Though the clips aren’t aimed at children specifically, they’re accessible, appropriate and cover a whole range of things to do with fishing. The clips are designed and edited well. Each clip is simple and gets straight into whatever the focus is, providing helpful and informative content that can be enjoyed by all.

Let’s Fish! Free Fishing Events - Canal and River Trust

These are one-day events hosted by the Canal and River Trust that are free to attend. Though the events are generally aimed at younger children who are new to fishing, the setup of the day means that even those with more experience can go along to brush up on skills and work with experienced coaches to learn something new. The best thing about these events is that they’re run in close conjunction with local angling clubs, meaning they can be a great chance to network and find out about what’s available in your area. They’re hosted at various locations across the country. Find out more at the Canal and River Trust Website.

My Awesome Guide to Freshwater Fishing - Book

This book will be great for expanding and deepening your child’s knowledge and understanding of fishing as a whole. It contains a lot of information about the history of fishing, as well as facts and tips related to the technique of fishing. It also contains a wealth of information about the different species of fish that can be found in freshwater. The illustrations are wonderful, and perfectly laid out to immerse the reader in the book. Another added benefit is the inclusion of a fishing log notebook, which will encourage your child to get out there and put what they’ve read into practice.

Junior Beginners Fishing Kit Set - Roddarch

This fun, relatively cheap fishing set comes with everything children will need for their first fishing visit. There’s a rod, reel, tackle, bait boxes, floats, hooks, and even a fold-up stool. It also comes with a handy bag to pack it all in. The equipment is good quality. This isn’t a plastic, toddler-style set. The rod is fibreglass telescopic. The line is good quality, in a metal-bodied reel with all the right features such as a reverse stop, bale arm and stool clutch. And everything else is a similar quality. A kit like this will mean that children achieve results right from their first visit and will help to instil in them a sense of wonder at what they’re doing.

Melissa & Doug Let's Explore Fishing Playset

So this is one for the very young - a fun, wooden play set that recreates all the joys of fishing in toy form. Though it’s a bit of fun, it actually provides quite a robust and in-depth introduction to fishing. There’s a fishing guide full of accurate descriptions of fish, a book that explains with pictures the basic techniques of fishing, and all the correct equipment that you would find in a proper fishing kit. It also has a mat that changes from summer to winter, giving young anglers the chance to experience both seasons. It all packs away in a handy box. A really fun gift for young children.

Photo by David Brown

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