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5 Reasons Why Kids Love Fishing

24 September 2023

Getting kids outdoors and enjoying nature can be challenging, especially if they’re used to spending most of their time indoors with screens. But one activity that always seems to delight children of all ages is fishing. If you’re looking for a fun family activity that everyone can enjoy, here’s 5 reasons to try fishing:

They can be as active or as relaxed as they want to be

There are many ways to do fishing, from running around on the beach with a net and bucket, going out on a boat, or sitting peacefully by a lake. This means that it can suit kids who want to be active and run around and those who want to relax and enjoy some downtime. It doesn’t require a lot of energy, so kids can go at their own pace and take a break when needed. Either way, they’ll enjoy the fresh air and being out in nature.

They never know what they’re going to catch or see

Part of the fun of fishing is the element of surprise. Will they catch a big fish or a small one? What kind of fish will it be? Even if they don’t catch anything, they’ll still enjoy the experience of being out on the water and trying their luck. The excitement of not knowing what they’ll catch is one of the things that kids love most about fishing. It’s also an opportunity to learn about nature - they might see birds like herons and kingfishers, or have a close encounter with a dragonfly. Out at sea they might even get to see mammals like seals and dolphins.

They can learn new skills

Fishing is a great opportunity for kids to learn patience, responsibility, and how to follow directions. Once they’re old enough, they can learn how to bait their own hooks and clean the fish. Younger kids will enjoy just watching and learning from their elders. Either way, they’re bound to come away from the experience with new skills and knowledge. These are valuable life skills that they’ll take with them long after the fishing trip is over.

It’s a chance to bond

Fishing is the perfect activity for bonding with family or friends. It allows you to chat and spend time together in an enjoyable setting. There’s no need for small talk; you can enjoy each other’s company and the peacefulness of being outdoors. And if you make it a regular thing, it can become a cherished tradition that your family or friends will look forward to year after year.

They can have bragging rights

Catching a big fish is always cause for celebration - and bragging rights. If your child catches the biggest fish of the day, they’ll be so proud of themselves (and you’ll be pretty proud too). Kids love being able to boast about their fishing successes, and they’ll be sure to remember the time they caught that big fish for years to come. Even if they don’t catch the biggest fish, they’ll still have fond memories of their first big catch. 

So there you have it - 5 reasons why kids love fishing. The next time you’re looking for an outdoor activity the whole family can enjoy, give fishing a try - you might just be hooked!

Photo by David J. Boozer on Unsplash

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