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YOUtheatre U.K. is one of Tameside's leading youth theatres for young people aged 5 to 19. Established in 2010 we run weekly workshops teaching different aspects of drama and musical theatre, put on regular performances and take our members on theatre trips.Classes not only teach young people drama and theatre skills but also help to build their confidence and self-esteem and give them the ability and skills to cope with everyday situations regardless of their theatrical aims and ambitions. No audition is required, and the first session is FREE!

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  • Annette Davidson Wed 10th Jan 2018 Attended with 8 year-old My daughter has attended YouTheatreUK musical theatre for several years and the classes and teachers have helped her grow in confidence week on week. The group and teachers are like one big family and have helped turn Melissa from a shy, stand-at-the-back girl, to a bubbly, confident, shining star! I can't recommend it enough.
  • Rick Le Duc Wed 10th Jan 2018 Attended with 8 year-old, and 11 year-old My children have been with Youtheatre for years and they've always loved it. It's boosted their confidence and self esteem, as well as giving them the opportunity to make new friends in this safe and welcoming group. I can heartily recommend Youtheatre UK to anyone.
  • Emily Gray Tue 9th Jan 2018 Attended with 11 year-old My daughter has been going here for a couple of years and loves it. You theatre has helped to improve her self confidence and is the only activity she has ever stuck at for so long. I put this down to the friendly supportive leaders and lovely group of young people. She is 15 now and still looks forward to going each week.
  • Alex Godrich Tue 9th Jan 2018 Attended with 11 year-old Being with YOU Theatre is an amazing experience. After being part of the group for a few years it has really helped my confidence and grow as a person. Everyone is really friendly so making friends isn't that hard and you feel included and part of the group from the very first session. It's so much fun and everyone there is great
  • Victoria Greenhalgh Tue 9th Jan 2018 Attended with 5 year-old I still remember my first day - everyone was so welcoming to the point you couldn’t be embarrassed to do anything. You seriously make friends for life at this place, not even just the other members but the owners to. My acting skills weren’t the best when I first started but they helped me to grow and endure over the years until I took Drama as an A-level at college with already a head start from YOUtheatre. Whilst having an enjoyable hobby, it also helped me de-stress especially during exam times. I attended for around 5 years until leaving for university and I still wish I could attend every week, have some of the best memories there and I wish I could do the five years all over again!!
  • Tracey Davis Tue 9th Jan 2018 Attended with 10 year-old Jazmin joined 3 years ago - she adores her teachers loves her classes and class freinds has done lots of shows and events and even had some TV work through her drama classes. Thank you for helping Jazmin shine.

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