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What are the guidelines for Hoop listings?

Hoop’s goal is to list every family friendly activity but there are a couple of guidelines we stick to:

  • It has to be fun for the whole family and suitable for children aged somewhere between 0 and 11 years.
  • We must be able to offer Hoop users clear, accurate information regarding your activities including dates, timings, location and pricing.
  • We should be able to apply an age classification to the event. This means we’re not able to add classes that stream children by skill level instead of age.
  • There should be no ‘hidden costs’ associated with attending the event. We are not currently listing activities if there is ; a required membership fee on top of the class price ; a required investment in a uniform or insurance to take part ; a charge to gain access to the venue, exclusive of the event (i.e. ‘free with admission’).
  • If you belong to or represent a franchise then please contact us directly to discuss how we might be able to add and manage your events most effectively.
  • Currently, Hoop is only available in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Brighton, Bath & Oxford and we only add activities that run in these areas.

How can I get my events featured as ‘Hoop Picks’?

The activities featured in “Hoop Picks” are algorithmically chosen based on a number of factors including a user’s location and the event popularity. To give your event the best chance be sure to follow our event listing tips below.

What makes a good event listing?

  • Attach a picture. A great image can capture the imagination of a parent looking to try something new for the first time. The best images are colourful and give a snapshot of what a family could expect from attending your event. We require a landscape image (min 500 x 375 pxl).
  • Include as much information as you can. Families are put off attending if they can’t tell how long an event will run for or how much it’ll cost them.
  • Keep us up to date. If your event changes date or time, it’s important to let us know so we can avoid disappointing potential attendees. We can make the changes straight away.

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