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Toddler Sense is an award winning Toddler programme. Our main focus is excitement, mobility and adventure. Each session includes 30minutes of free play on our adventure play area which changes every week, followed by a 30minute Sensory session based around the theme for the week!!!

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  • Sam MacMahon on Facebook Mon 8th Jan 2018 When I first found the class and realised I had to do a 3-class trial, I was a bit disappointed because I thought I'd be able to tell if my daughter (3 years old) would like it from one session. I was wrong though. After the first one she wasn't sure as she's naturally shy and it's quite a hectic class, but by week 2 she really loved it and loves going every week now. Some weeks are quieter than others so I think the 3-week trial helps you get a better idea of the class. It's really helping her confidence now so I'm pleased we tried it!
  • Kate Murphy on Facebook Mon 8th Jan 2018 Both me and my son have loved our Toddler Sense sessions. The classes have such a range of activities it is amazing! Highly recommend it.
  • Angela Keane on Facebook Mon 8th Jan 2018 Attended with 2 year-old My daughter is 2 years old and I can honestly say I must have tried every class going , not just to entertain her but also me . Toddler sense is without a doubt one of the best classes we have ever participated in . From start to finish it engages, captures and stimulates my daughters imagination. The class format is fun and encourages learning , the themes are imaginative and fun and the teacher is so encouraging and welcoming. It's a must to try and believe me once you try it you will be hooked.
  • Sarah Roberts on Facebook Mon 8th Jan 2018 Attended with 3 year-old My nearly three year old LOVES the sessions and the picnic afterwards!
  • Leonnie Sawyer on Facebook Mon 8th Jan 2018 We have just got home after our first toddler sense session and all I can say is bring on next week! Absolutely wonderful equipment and resources that totally capture the target audience of pre schoolers (and the big kids too!) Laura was wonderful and kept the whole thing going with natural enthusiasm and it worked at a great pace. I've tried MANY baby and toddler groups and can honestly say, I've found my favourite! I also now have two sleeping children so surely that's a bonus!?! Thank you - we can't wait for next week
  • Louise Lamb on Facebook Mon 8th Jan 2018 Attended with 15 month-old Really loved it as does my 16 month old daughter. Every week the soft play changes to keep them interested and it's clear great effort goes into each class. Laura is always really friendly and has a lovely way with the little ones. Will definitely be booking for the next term
  • Casey Dillon on Facebook Mon 8th Jan 2018 Highly recommended group, I was looking for something more fun for my little girl she's never stops and has a lot of energy to burn!
  • Petra Menhart on Facebook Mon 8th Jan 2018 We had a fabulous time at the Toddlersense Xmas party. The organisation of the event was outstanding, Laura and Kirsten made sure all the guests were welcomed and they prepared lots of activities for kids to get involved in. We all had a great fun!!!
  • Emma Shields on Facebook Mon 8th Jan 2018 Laura & Kirsten are just Fab! Fab! Fab! I can't recommend them enough. You have to take your little ones to one of their sessions.x
  • Hazel Gardner on Facebook Mon 8th Jan 2018 Thank you for our party this morning we had a great time! The equipment is amazing and the activities were lots of fun.

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