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Learn several new BSL signs each week on a theme - bathtime, meals, getting ready etc - sign along to familiar nursery rhymes & songs, then enjoy some social time with a cuppa and a biscuit while the babies play. When your baby first tells you she wants her milk or he heard a bird it's amazing! Come and join the fun, and learn something worthwhile at the same time.

Baby classes currently in Ashford, Whitstable, Canterbury, Barham and Faversham.
Toddler classes currently in Ashford, Barham and Whitstable.

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  • Lisa Grainger Sun 29th Oct 2017 Attended with 12 month-old Ah we love TinyTalk so much! It gives you a really cool insight into what your baby is thinking and feeling - a real eye-opener as I would never have known this stuff otherwise! I love having chance to chat with other mums over a hot drink too - much better than other baby classes where you do your thing then leave!
  • Emily Thomas Wed 9th Aug 2017 Attended with 12 month-old Really fun class where we learn lots too - great for keeping my new mum brain active! Babies love Deb and it's great to have time to chat over a coffee while the babies play afterwards too. Definitely our favourite class of the week.

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