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TinyTalk Baby Signing Classes use British Sign Language to help to support you to use baby signs with your baby at home and learn the joys baby signing can introduce to your family.

These fun and engaging classes incorporate singing, signing, sensory activities and fun props.

We then finish with social time, a valuable opportunity to meet other parents and have refreshments.

Our toddler classes expand on the popular baby classes with a real focus on the spoken word and language development.

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9 reviews
  • Ellen Joyce on Facebook Mon 11th Dec 2017 Michelle's classes are really fun and engaging, and she makes it really easy to pick up signs. I'm prompted to write this review now as my daughter is now signing 'milk', 'where?', 'home' 'wash' and 'hot'. Excited to see what she picks up next! Thank you.
  • Sarah Sproat on Facebook Mon 11th Dec 2017 I have always wanted to learn to sign and am loving learning with my daughter Isla. Michelle is a really engaging teacher and her classes are welcoming and fun.
  • Anna Marshall on Facebook Mon 11th Dec 2017 Can't recommend Michelle and her classes highly enough - she has been fantastic in encouraging and enabling me with my baby twins to come along. We have felt welcome, safe and supported at every stage. Michelle is brilliant with the children, great company herself and a pleasure to see every week. We have been going since my girls were about 6 months and they love it. The flexibility and relaxed atmosphere combined with a clear class plan, lots of recaps and reminders of the signs learned and Michelle's own awareness and willingness to help out along the way is a gift for any new mum. It's a crucial part of our week now!
  • Tracy Thompson on Facebook Mon 11th Dec 2017 Attended with 3 month-old We really enjoy these classes. Alex was only 3 months old when we started but we've signed up again as he really enjoys the singing and sensory elements. We do the signing at home with him too so hopefully he'll pick it up in time!
  • Nicola Kumi on Facebook Mon 11th Dec 2017 Michelle is brilliant & we are thoroughly enjoying this class having only joined a few weeks ago after previously going to baby sensory. The babies are all mesmerised at the start of each session as they search for Tiny Talk Ted & they love all the songs & interactive play. Also us mums love having a hot cup of coffee & a biccie in peace whilst the babies play. Thoroughly recommended x
  • Emma Louise on Facebook Mon 11th Dec 2017 A great group. Lots of fun, educational and the play (cup of tea time for grown ups) time is great for a chat.
  • Lucia Harris on Facebook Mon 11th Dec 2017 Michelle's Tiny Talk classes are always fun, relaxed and very educational! We've learned so many useful signs with very little effort through simple songs, rhymes and activities which are easy to remember and repeat at home. Michelle does a great job of making everyone feel involved and engaged. Great fun for my 6 month old!
  • Jade Clarke on Facebook Mon 11th Dec 2017 Loving the tiny talk class! A lovely social environment for adults and babies. As well as the signing and play time it is so nice for a class that doesn't forget the parents need for a nice hot drink and biscuit!
  • Rachel Stone on Facebook Mon 11th Dec 2017 Attended with 2 month-old My son and I attend tiny talk every week with the lovely Michelle and have been doing so since he was 10 weeks old. The classes are well structured, fun and engaging for the little ones. It's also an added bonus that we get a cuppa and a biscuit too!

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